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The brainchild of an MIT engineer and currently developed & maintained by Dassault Systemes, SolidWorks is a 3D solid modelling, CAD/CAE platform. SolidWorks is used by hundreds of designing and manufacturing businesses across the globe's primary, secondary, and tertiary industrial sectors. It is a must for students in design and engineering domains need to master Solidworks (or any similar software) as it is a primary tool for development. Assignments and homework can throw curveballs time sometimes, necessitating the need for professional SolidWorks assignment help from genuine CAD experts., one of Australia's leading academic service providers, brings world-class online SolidWorks assignment help from graduate & post-graduate SolidWorks assignment experts from Australia’s biggest universities.

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2D schematics, 3D modelling, sketching mechanics & relations, dimensions, features, assemblies, designing parts & functions, creating files & sharing models, stress analysis; developing photo-realistic animation, assembly & parts designing; designing electrical, mechanical, & different other types of systems, etc.

No matter the problem or how tough it may seem, we will solve it for you or, if required, with you. Top-tier SolidWorks assignment experts will craft impeccable solutions for all kinds of problems & questions, right from the most fundamental to the most advanced.

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And, if you are just starting, the following section offers a quick glimpse of the platform & its chief aspects and sub-topics.

What is Solidworks & Importance of SolidWorks for Students?

As we mentioned, SolidWorks is a software application for solid modelling. A parametric feature-based CAD/CAE software allows designers to develop 2D sketches and craft 3D models from sequential 2D sketches. It has an array of features that enable designers to mould & modify models as necessary. Users can revolve, cut, extend, add parts, assemble and do much more with SolidWork’s parametric-based designing paradigms.

SolidWorks can draw, design, and model simple and intricate systems of different kinds. From designing an automobile frame to a robotic or mechatronic system, SolidWorks renders accurate visualizations of the geometrical or spatial information of the system under development. Designers can easily add an n-number of features, link different designs together, and track every aspect & history of a particular design.

SolidWorks is all about parametric sketching, where any sketch can change concerning the parameters that define them. Certain measurements, rules and the relationships amongst them affect designs, which is the core of another SolidWorks concept, design intent.


SolidWorks is incredibly popular. Individual freelance designers, major corporations, academic institutions, and almost every global manufacturing company use it for CAD and CAE.

Designing of electronic, electrical, mechatronic, robotic, computer, industrial control, and even software systems, machining, 3D printing, assembling, etc. – SolidWorks can be used for nearly every designing and engineering task.  

Such a vast array of applications makes learning SolidWorks a must for designers, engineers, architects, software developers, and every student aspiring to be one.

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Solidworks Assignment Help on Sub-topics by the SolidWorks Experts

Major topics and sub-topics that all learners must focus on are:

  • The User Interface
  • Design Intent
  • 2D Sketching, default planes, geometry, sketch relations, and dimensions
  • Part modelling and adding features, planes, sketches, cuts, fillets & rounds, drawing & editing
  • Surface modelling
  • Adding features such as patterning, shelling & ribs, and much more
  • Drawing, top-down assembly modelling and using assemblies
  • Assembly features and adding smart components
  • Developing and editing large & complex assemblies
  • Surfacing
  • 3D sketching
  • Sweeping
  • Hybrid modelling experts stand ready to solve any questions and problems on all of the above topics & sub-topics of SolidWorks. Avail of top-notch SolidWorks assignment guidance from our skilled & dedicated SolidWorks assignment experts.

3D Solid Modeling

SolidWorks Data Management

SolidWorks Assembly Modelling

SolidWorks 3D CAD

SolidWorks Sheet Metal

SolidWorks Drawings ISO

SolidWorks Task Scheduler

Structural Analysis and Thermal Analysis

SolidWorks Surface Modelling

SolidWorks Simulation Packages


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Why Do Students Need Solidworks Homework Help?

According to our experts, the biggest reasons are:

  • Tough Problems
  • Narrow Deadlines
  • Lack of Ideas and Preparation
  • Inadequate Practice
  • Sub-par teaching and guidance
  • SolidWorks parametric drawing is another major factor

However, compared to other platforms such as AutoCAD, FreeCAD, SolidEdge, etc. SolidWorks has a much shallower learning curve. There are bundles of free tutorials, and obviously,’s SolidWorks assignment experts can help you easily solve and explain all problems.

Whatever the reasons behind your struggles, we will work with you to solve them correctly and help you grab that A+. Get in touch with us via call, mail, or our live chat system for world-class SolidWorks assignment guidance.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions By Students

1. What is Hidden Line Projection In SolidWorks?

Ans: It is a handy feature in SolidWorks and is present in every CAD software. It projects an estimate of the lines and edges not that are not visible from the current view angle.

2. What are The Different Types of SolidWorks models?

Ans: 2D drawings, wireframe models, surface models, solid 3D models & assemblies are the different models one can create in SolidWorks.

3. What would be the quality of my SolidWorks assignment?

Ans:  Expect optimal quality in every aspect of your SolidWorks assignment from our experts. Our SMEs work in close-knit teams to craft complete solutions that guarantee the best grades.

4. What is the conclusion of the SolidWorks project?

Ans: Well, it all depends on the nature of your SolidWorks project. If you find it difficult to come up with a perfect conclusion for your project or with the project itself, then our experts can help you.

5. How fast can you complete my SolidWorks assignment?

Ans: As fast as you need them done! We can deliver a quality solution within any deadline, provided the timeline is sensible enough.

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