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MD4044 Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice

MD4044 Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practices is a course that attempts to introduce students to a variety of issues in the world of entrepreneurship while also connecting theory and practise. This course addresses important concerns such as whom, why, when, and where start-ups begin their entrepreneurial journey. The goal of the course is to introduce students to the rich literature on entrepreneurship and business start-ups, as well as to challenge them to connect this material to real-world examples.

Entrepreneurial competencies, regional eco-systems, opportunity recognition, appropriation, female and minority entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success, and so on are all covered in this course. It looks at how to put together an entrepreneurial team, establish ways for analysing market response, and find the value generating potential of one's venture idea from a more practical aspect.

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The course will not only introduce you to the idea of entrepreneurship, but it will also allow you to exercise the entrepreneurial skills essential to compete in a diversified economy through personal development and exposure to regional and national speakers.

Using a short presentation style with the ability to interact and ask questions, this innovative course introduces students to excellent guest speakers and the entrepreneur-in-residence. Entrepreneurial tips and life lessons will be shared by the speakers.

This course introduces students to theoretical and practical aspects of entrepreneurship, such as entrepreneurship terminology, creativity and invention, lean startups, intrapreneurship, and learning from both successful and unsuccessful companies. These and related themes will be explored through readings, lectures, and live case discussions with entrepreneurs.

Course Objectives:

  • Entrepreneurial theory and literature regarding entrepreneurship and business start-ups are familiar to students.
  • Entrepreneurship theory can be put into reality by students.
  • Students can form an entrepreneurial group.
  • Students can devise methods for assessing market perception.
  • Students can evaluate a venture's wealth generation potential.
  • A thorough comprehension of what is already known about entrepreneurship, small business, and enterprise.
  • In entrepreneurship research, critical knowledge of current challenges and topics is essential.
  • Systematic understanding of the government's and other institutions' roles in promoting entrepreneurship and small business.

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Which University This Course Code is Associated

The course is related with Victoria University in Australia.

Unit Details:-

Location: Australia

Study level: Postgraduate

Unit code:  MD4044

Brief On MD4044 Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice Assessment:

The foundation of economic progress is a constant injection of new ideas and new impulses. Entrepreneurs and their new companies are critical components of the global economic revival process. The goal of this course is to introduce MBA students to entrepreneurship's general ideas, principles, concepts, and practises. This course, which focuses on the formation of "entrepreneurial leadership," aims to enable MBA students to avoid or (at the very least) recognise the hazards of new venture launch, whether outside or inside of a company. The goal is to present and explore the demands placed on today's entrepreneurs through lecture, readings, a case study, and a research project.

It is believed that students are interested in the topic of entrepreneurship and are nearing the end of their MBA programme at the Kelley School of Business. Entrepreneurship: Leadership & Practice is the first subject in a graduate programme created exclusively for aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. This course aims to increase students' understanding and respect for the issues that future entrepreneurs encounter, both foreseeable and unforeseeable. Through the breakdown of entrepreneurial failure and the formation of true "entrepreneurial leadership," this understanding improves the odds of entrepreneurial success.

The curriculum will give you current and relevant insights into current academic thinking on entrepreneurship and small company, as well as developing and cutting-edge subjects in entrepreneurship theory and practise. It covers key issues and topics in the field by drawing on a wide range of views and examples, including:

  • The role of government and other institutions in entrepreneurship and the formation and growth of new businesses is known as enterprise policy.
  • the establishment and expansion of new businesses
  • working in small firms and managing them
  • Entrepreneurial leadership in small businesses
  • topical concerns in entrepreneurship and small business research, as well as entrepreneurship in the private, public, and third sectors.

Details Of Module:

New Venture Creation, Development, Growth, and Performance

The growth of new ventures differs from that of established businesses, and it is an important area for academic research. The current literature on new venture growth has mostly concentrated on why new ventures expand, rather than how and where they grow.

Characteristics, Behaviours And Types Of Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a difficult task. It necessitates behaviours that the majority of individuals lack, as well as a level of discipline, enthusiasm, and dedication that is unparalleled among non-business owners. While each entrepreneur is unique, we share a lot of traits, including many of the same habits. Innovations, creativity, creative, organisation, values, attributes of a successful entrepreneur, and the social obligations that he must assume are all examples of entrepreneurial behaviour.

Small Business Management

The process of aligning and organising all parts of a small business, whether it's managing your staff, suppliers, business finances, roadmap, or everyday chores, is referred to as small business management. For the owner of a small firm, there are certain specific challenges. Small business management differs from major corporation management, which is frequently obliged to focus on boosting shareholder value and stock prices. How you define business management will impact how your company is conducted and what role you play in it.

Family-Owned Businesses

A family business is a commercial enterprise in which decision-making is impacted by many generations of a family, who are linked by blood, marriage, or adoption and have the power to influence the business' vision as well as the willingness to utilise that ability to pursue separate goals.

Corporate, Social, And Sustainable Entrepreneurship

In addition to the formal employment function in working toward accomplishing the firm's commercial aims, the CSE is defined as an employee of a corporation who performs in a socially entrepreneurial manner, i.e., recognising opportunities for and/or supporting socially responsible activities. Sustainability refers to an organization's responsibility for its impact on its surrounds in terms of business, the environment, and social issues. Sustainability is the skilful positioning of a company in the economic reality, taking into consideration social and economic issues, as well as opportunities and risks to the environment.

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Individual written report


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