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Jaguar case study

The Jaguar was a British company in the initial, and it has started in the very beginning, and slowly it is now owned by Indian Company. Tata Motors has owned Jaguar however;, the cars are manufactured in the United Kingdom. The automobile industry of sector is continuously developing with multiple elements such as marketing, selling, and development of various automobile cars. Some multiple innovations and designs would please the customer segments, and the demand of the customers are continuously rising. The company has changed multiple times ownership, and finally, the Indian company owns it. For better understanding and developing insights within the company, it is essential to develop the SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis for Jaguar company. Both the analysis tool would help in analysing the environment of the study.  

SWOT Analysis of Jaguar

The SWOT analysis is considered an effective tool that would help both internal and external analysis of the chosen company and organisation. The Jaguar is considered within the paper that would undergo the SWOT analysis for a better understanding of the environment of the company.


The strength of the company is its popularity of the brand; the company has considered as the multiple luxurious automobile manufacturers. The brand image is significant as they have not entered into any form of scandals and controversies. The workforce within the company is filled with the skilled workforce as they believe in quality. The skilled and talented hand of the staff able to designed and presents significant and beautiful cars towards their consumer segments. The ownership gained under the Tata group is considered the significant pride factor for the brand that would help gain the bonus for the companies' reliability and actual ultimate factors.


Although the company is successful in designing and developing multiple ranges of product lines, they still lack varieties in the products compared to any of the competitors. The limitation of models would result in developing the dependency on the specific or particular models. The problems in the past would also impact the image of the company, such as seatbelt problems or any corrosion protection cases. The price is high compared to any other SUV as well as luxury cars.


The developing markets like India and China would provide significant opportunities for the company as they would gain a higher capacity of the customers. Developing the manufacturer facilities within the Indian market would be beneficial and develop opportunities for the company. The rise in the disposal earnings of the people would develop opportunities for the company as people would spend more on luxuries. Hybrid technology is the new future that would again provide the opportunity for the company for the future market.


The hostile competition in the market is the major threat for Jaguar. The competitors such as Martin, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and many others are gaining significant brand value that would threaten the company. The governmental policies are developed to focus on fuel-friendly technologies that would help and focus on changing the environment. Thus, the company would need to adhere to the policy. The financial instability and the continual increase in the raw material cost would result in overall production cost within the market would be considered a significant threat to the company.

PESTLE Analysis of Jaguar

The PESTLE analysis is considered the most effective tool for analysing the environment of the company. Political, economic, sociocultural along with technology and legal and environment are the significant elements within the PESTLE analysis.


Jaguar imposes the international business that would include the international market and the government factors and agencies implementing any changes in the framework, resulting in an overall enhancement in the market sector. Political stability is essential as if the company is planning to expand their sale or launch a new product line of cars, and it is essential to know the increase and decrease the tax level. Multiple taxes such as environment tax, fuel consumption tax, along with multiple other elements, would result in an adequate impact on the company.


The investment in the automobile industry by the government would have an adequate benefit to the company. Effective economic stability is considered the adequate approach that would result in the better result of production levels that would help in enhancement in the distribution of various products. The rise in the ultimate inflation rates is rising, which would result in increasing the ultimate prices of earning group. The increase in consumer ability to pay would also develop benefits to the company.


The trends among society and people are continuously changing, and they may directly impact the business. Jaguar needs to identify the overall impact of the people's religious values based on their belief system and lifestyles. The company need to implement significantly within the workplace that would be needed for the workforce and enhance employee engagement. Similarly, the ethical value the company have with the supplier along with the customers would also impact the overall business. The population is continuously increasing, which would develop another trend of increase in demand for the automobile that would result in increasing the overall production.


The company has posted the TATA innovations that would work continuously towards enhancing the technology advancement that would be helpful in developing the designs, manufacturing strategies and other elements that would be helpful for the company. The company is continuously pushing their luxurious cars into more significant travelling business cars that would help in gaining significant accomplishment. Jaguar is currently implementing the approach of cutting-edge innovation that would help in efficient car design along with manufacturing. The company is focusing more on designing and implementing technologies that would work towards eliminating and minimising potential errors of drivers. The automotive virtual reality is continuously tested and discussed in the workshop for developing knowledge.


The companies have developed significant elements of trade laws along with multiple employee rights that would provide strong strength within the company. The business operation needs to implement significant business operations that would help in the potential growth of the company. The basic and adequate costing was seen in the manufacturing set of the new car that would be set up for various other new regions.


The environment is an essential factor as it would drive more consumer segments with ecological impact and benefits of the company. The company needs to minimise the potential environmental issues, and therefore, it would be beneficial for various other legislations that would help eliminate ultimate emission and wastage. The company is working towards multiple initiatives that would use renewable energy and resources for the major functioning of the car.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that the paper has successfully discussed and developed the overall analysis with the help of SWOT and PESTLE analysis tools to understand the market. Jaguar is continuously gaining consumer segments and has multiple opportunities that would help in meeting the needs and demands of the people and market. It has also developed the overall threats and challenges that would help in understanding the current market and business conditions.



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