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116301 Communication Trends and Innovation course takes a practical approach to communication for development that affects real change. It brings together professionals, academics, and creative and gives them a collaborative space in which to leverage their collective intelligence. The participants will learn from one another, as well as from their instructors. Hence. This course unit module on 116301 Communication Trends and Innovation is intended for development professionals, policymakers, academics as well as creative professionals. 11631 solutions on Communication Trends and Innovation is developed and designed to serve multiple audiences. 

In addition to this, students would also get encouraged and inspired by new ideas, and then focus on their respective or specific projects with dedicated coaching.  Hence, this course unit module on 116301 Communication Trends and Innovation is for Communication leaders who want to drive change, Communication beginners who want to upgrade their skills, Communication enthusiasts who want to get inspired and learn from the experts, and Small communication teams that need to develop a communication project and don't want to make the usual mistakes.

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Unit Details Of 116301 Communication Trends And Innovation

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: 116301

Location: University of Canberra

Study level: Post graduate

Brief On 116301 Communication Trends And Innovation 

The 116301 assessment answers helps in doing the same and enlightens students in identifying better manners of working and anticipating the situations as a whole. Students will also be able to reflect on what they have learned throughout the course unit module on 116301 Communication Trends and Innovation and design captivating projects that motivate others, inspire action, and enable buy-in. The course is offered fully online through an asynchronous modality (70%) in which participants can plan their own learning at their own pace.

The course unit on 116301 Communication Trends and Innovation offers alternatives for synchronous debate (30%) through webinars that provide an opportunity for engaging with peers and experts, as well as online networking. All these allow students in understanding and deliver effective and better solutions thereby creating a better business environment for individuals and businesses.

In addition to this, students are also expected to actively participate in class, engaging actively with discussion questions assigned by their tutor as well as critically, productively, and respectfully engaging with their peers' work, ideas, and perspectives. It is also expected that students have the fundamental computer skills and familiarity with UC's online learning systems as this would allow students in completing the task more easily and successfully.

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The usual methodology that this course unit module on 116301 Communication Trends and Innovation involves or includes online courses takes the form of a design lab in which participants or students are directed and guided through the whole process of communication for impact. Along the way, participants and students will also develop skills to influence change and create inspiring and actionable projects.  Content is unlocked on a weekly basis and packaged through design thinking activities. Participants will learn the concepts, methods, and tools they need to approach their own communication challenges.

Weightage Of This 116301 Course Code In Their Semester 

Organizations in the competitive global marketplace are constantly looking for ways to handle and manage disruption as well as capitalize on opportunities. In this course unit on 116301 Communication Trends and Innovation, students will be exposed to the latest 'live' communication trends and innovations from professional contexts. Students will also be able to engage with various industries and academic experts, involving academics from the University of Canberra News and Media Research Centre. As a whole, students will be able to keep track and examine or evaluate modern technological, social, and economic trends and then apply this knowledge and skill gathered to real-world scenarios. Students pursuing this course unit on 116301 Communication Trends and Innovation would be able to establish and develop innovative thinking skills and will be working at the leading edge in the communication and media field.

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