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MIS500 Fundamentals of Data Analytics are the course that helps the student have the idea and understanding about the types of techniques or methods used to analyze the raw data and get meaningful information from it. After going through this course, the student will also be able to discover all the aspects and essential parts which are involved in analyzing the huge amount of data. Data Analytics is the most important and preferred technique used by almost all organizations dealing with a huge number of data sets. There are many other processes and techniques of data analytics that have been fully automated into some kind of mechanical processes as well as algorithms that usually work over the raw data for the consumption of humans. This course is beneficial for the student as they proceed with their professional career as a Data Analyst after getting the theoretical and hands-on experience of analyzing data.

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This course will also describe the different types of skills required to become a data analyst so that they work in such a field and perform data analytics. SQL, Microsoft Excel, Critical Thinking, R or Python, Data Visualization, Presentation Skills, and the most important one, which is the skill of Machine Learning. Without having the knowledge of these addressed skills, the student would not be able to perform the data analytics. This course will assist them in gaining all the required and necessary knowledge and information about these skills so that they can move to any industry they want, having all the essential skills asked by those industries. This course has detailed information about these skills and provides lots of practical classes where the student would be able to learn them quickly and properly under the guidance of their teacher.

Data Analyst is the role where this concept is mainly used as it involves the testing part of the data from the beginning to the end by using the tools available. So, having less coding knowledge will not make any difference for students who have one or those who don't. This course mainly focuses on building the blocks of statistics and analytics to understand the data analytics foundation. After the completion of this course, the student would be able to get a certificate from Analyttica and a co-branded certificate from FutureSkills Prime and Analyttics. This course is said to be a multidimensional course that provides more than ten hands-on data cases around the various domains.

Unit details of MIS500 Fundamentals of Data Analytics

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code: MIS500

Location: USA

Study Level: Undergraduate or bachelor's degree

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Briefs on MIS500 Fundamentals of Data Analytics

In this unit, the main area which has been focused on is the fundamentals of data analytics, such as the type of data analytics like perceptive, predictive, diagnostic, and descriptive. In this course, the evolution of the concept of data analytics from analytics through SQL, business analytics, big data analytics, and visual analytics to the cognitive type of analytics has been presented. The type of data analytics which has been mentioned in this course has been used by the business based on what kind of decision they want to make. The student will be able to realize and understand the differences between perceptive, predictive, diagnostic, and descriptive data analytics.

This course opens up their minds and provides them with a brief illustration of the importance of data analytics techniques to use in their professional career to achieve their professional goals and objectives. The course has been divided into several phases where the student will learn the basic concept of data analytics to how it can be used, including the primary skills required for doing so. The skills required and addressed in this course have their own importance and use, which the student will be going to understand after completing this course.

Mid-Term: The student takes some tests where they need to attain short questions based on their studies and whatever they have been taught.

Case Study Assessment: The student will take an assignment where they will get a practical task based on a case study and need to do that in a group.

Laboratory Examination: The student will get a data set where they need to perform analytics and find the asked information from it in their lab.

Final Exam: The student will take a test where they will answer some subjective type questions based on their overall course on data analytics.

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Weightage of this MIS500 Course Code in Their Semester

The mid-Term test will carry 10 percent.

Case Study Assessment will carry 15 percent.

Lab tests will carry 20 percent.

The final Exam will carry 45 percent.

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