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This module is about researching different kinds of innovation and technology that are developing day by day in this present era across the globe. This module has been incorporated for post-graduate students and associated with Charles Stuart University and the course will ensure the students apply their prior learning into the information technology. This is because without having prior knowledge of the technological field the participants might not understand the growth of innovation with different fields and aspects and those things will be discussed in the following research.

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Unit details:-

Location:- Australia

Study level:- Post Graduate level

Unit code:- ITC571

Brief of ITC571 Emerging Technologies And Innovation Assessment:

In this era of digitalization and technological advancement, different industries are incorporating technological factors to ensure more business evolution and benefits. The areas of innovation and their practices will be showcased below:

    • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: These two are current technological trends that are being utilized in more industries whether it is manufacturing Information technology or any kind of. In the industry of Automobiles, it has been seen that different companies are coming with automation or driverless cars in order to reduce traffic jams and accidents inroads. Letting the machine learn from the vast amount of existing data is ensuring that a machine can act accordingly and that is called machine learning. Therefore using machine learning sensors within cars, there is no need for drivers inside the car where a car can automatically run based on front singles from the sensors.

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  • In addition to that using AI car manufacturing companies can incorporate image recognition, speech recognition, Smartphone-based assistance, and navigation program can ensure to develop of an automated car. Even if based on these facilities car manufacturers have to develop an expensive car but it can reduce the consumption of fuel and the environment can also be safe because these types of car will run based on electric facilities. Not only about the manufacturing sector but in other sectors such as the healthcare sector based on the real-time data of patients, doctors can make decisions accordingly in order to save a life. Based on the AI and machine learning different social media platforms are generating information about the choice and preference of the consumers and accordingly notifications and pop-ups are generated within the smartphones of consumers.
  • Robotic Process Automation: this is another innovation that is developing day by day in order to reduce human errors by deploying robotics machines to do activities that used to be done manually. In the past times when there were no such technological development people in every industry used to do their tasks manually. But nowadays in order to do the hard tasks in less time and less resource robotics, automatic machines are incorporated in different industries. Factories which used for manufacturing adopts robotics to do the activities error-free and in a fast process in order to reach to the consumers faster. The robotic process does not only mean to have physical machines rather based on different software applications automatic work can also be done. Different automated software such as processing transactions, interpreting applications, dealing with data, and also replying to consumers is done based on an automated process. The chat supports which are used by different companies where prompt and instant replies are given to consumers are done by the automated software system.
  • Cloud or edge computing: in this era of information and digitalization the storage of data becomes cloud where users can get access to the data anytime anywhere based on certain regulations and policies. In order to reduce the storage system within office premises due to several reasons, different organizations are contracting cloud storage providers to keep their sensitive information. Even if with technological development, there are hackers who are cyber attackers who are running behind the cloud server to get access to sensitive information. But the cloud providers are applying different encryption methods and techniques to ensure that those data are safe in the cloud system.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality: this is another innovative and technological trend that is running in different sectors and these enhance the ability to see reality with virtual aspects. In terms of gaming, this is mostly used where users play on different grounds where based on the virtual reality it seems to be real while playing. Therefore with virtual eyes and devices, a real scenario can be experienced by a user. In terms of education, entertainment, and training and for other purposes these augmented and virtual realities take into consideration to provide a real visualization to the consumers in virtual platforms.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): this is another growth and population technology and innovation. With the wireless network everything nowadays is getting connected with the internet in order to do different activities starting from downloading to uploading and browsing information from different sites and applications there is a need for the internet. This can also be considered to be the future which has already enabled homes appliances, different smart devices, cars, and many more other things in order to exchange over the internet. By using IoT an individual can lock their home door remotely from any location and based on different fit bit trackers which run on the internet can showcase fitness. In addition to that with IoT different businesses can collect data and can analyze it accordingly which can help in improving consumer services, speed up medical care, and can have predictive maintenance and decision-making process.

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What is the Weightage of this ITC571 Emerging Technologies And Innovation Assessment?

This module has started with the basic concept of technology and innovation and gradually the course has let the student understand the broad area of innovation and technology. Different kinds of emerging technologies and their utilization have been elaborated on in the course module. In addition to that their implications in different fields also have been stated broadly in the entire course.

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