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HLSC122 Critical Appraisal of Evidence requires that all healthcare professionals should possess the skills necessary for delivering evidence-based, best practice, and critically appraised care. The healthcare practices of all health care professionals are related to the wellness of their patients and the ability to source as well as critically consume the literature that is relevant and related to practice for optimum outcomes. The skills being developed in this unit are needed to assist students in initiating the accumulation of knowledge, helping the student to guide their future practice as a health care professional.

This unit gives foundational knowledge as well as skills for appraising, reflecting, and sourcing literature as well as information sources being used in the healthcare environment. To assist the health students in delivering evidence-based care, the students must be provided with the approaches to knowledge development in the health disciplines, which involve the generation of new knowledge, the refinement of practice, and the delivery of quality care. The application of research knowledge to evidence-based health care will be evaluated through critical appraisal.

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HLSC122 task answers will introduce the students of healthcare to the concept of the 4 A's of research, which are Application, Ability, Awareness, and Appreciation. Students need to develop the fundamental skills to access information through questionnaires and use them to search for, find, and evaluate information. The skills developed by the students in this unit will be beneficial to the health students and help them to build their discipline-specific knowledge across their undergraduate program. Thus, it will help the students to take it into their future practice as healthcare professionals.

After the completion of the unit, the students will be able to identify common healthcare situations as well as those that require the application of evidence-based practice. Furthermore, the students will be able to critically discuss the factors that affect the use of evidence-based practice in delivering the best management practices across a range of health care settings. Moreover, the students will be able to explain the range of information levels of evidence and sources and to inform health practice. Next, the students will be able to demonstrate foundational level skills in applying, accessing, and appreciating evidence from various sources to inform health practice.

Lastly, the students will be able to apply the information literacy capabilities to the construction of evidence-based practice. Graduate attributes include GA3, which involves applying ethical perspectives in informed decision making, GA4, which involves critical and reflective thinking, GA8 (locating, synthesizing, evaluating, organizing, and analyzing information), GA9 (demonstrating effective communication in written and oral English language and visual media), and GA10, which involves using the information as well as communication in conjunction with other relevant technologies. This course is associated with Australian Catholic University.

Unit Details of HLSC122 Critical Appraisal of Evidence

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code:- HLSC122

Location:- Australia

Level of study:- vocational training

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Brief on HLSC122 Critical Appraisal of Evidence

The topics being included in the assessment are: identifying and accessing high-quality information, ways of finding the current best evidence and sources of knowledge, the 4 A’s of research together with their relevance to evidence-based practice. Further topics are awareness, reflecting, analyzing, and problem-solving, Critical thinking, clinical judgment, appropriate evidence, Appreciation: Judging the appropriateness of evidence Types of knowledge, their development and application, the evidence hierarchies and using them to rank evidence, Application: using evidence in clinical practice.

Evidence used in clinical practice; evidence influence in guiding patient journeys through the health care system furthermore, the topics also include the influence of popular online media on patient choices, Complementary and alternative therapies, developing evidence-based care, Ensuring quality, consistent, evidence-based care, evidence-based health care, Identifying the need for information and evidence, The notion of the best available evidence, best practice guidelines, and clinical practice guidelines, Continuous quality improvement and the ethical application of evidence

Various assessment items aligned with university assessment requirements as well as policies will be used to ensure the students will achieve the unit learning outcomes as well as to attain the graduate attributes. Furthermore, the student will have an online quiz that will make sure that they have the foundational level search skills required for students to locate appropriate literature. Next, the oral presentation will help with sound communication skills required for all interactions as a health care professional and will aid in assessing an understanding of search strategies as well as the application of evidence-based practice.

Furthermore, the written assignment provides the students with lots of opportunities to demonstrate the fundamental skills needed for sound appraisal of research. HLSC122 assessment answers will help the student to engage with content for better knowledge and allow the student to graduate as a health care professional who can critically appraise discipline-specific literature. This requirement exists because all people deserve to be treated with best practices.

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Weightage of this HLSC122 Course Code in Their Semester

The weightage of this course is high. This unit gives foundational knowledge as well as skills for appraising, reflecting, and sourcing literature as well as information sources being used in the healthcare environment.

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