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N221 Business and Management is a degree course that is organized by the Brunel’s University, London to equip the students regarding the appreciation and knowledge of the various problems that are common in the business world. The course is designed to provide information regarding the technical, interpersonal, and analytical skills that are crucial for analyzing and understanding the critical problems faced by the companies in the market. The components in the course are responsible for developing core competencies in the students regarding practical and theoretical principles of companies, helping to analyze market economies, providing information regarding various frameworks and models of business, management of change, and dealing with uncertain situations. The course of business management will also help the students analyze the power of the multi-national companies and also help these people to develop a strategic job position for themselves in the job market which is getting highly competitive.

This N221 Business and Management will help the students enhance their knowledge in the field of business management by working on issues of real business organizations and live cases which will help in the development of management skills and also help to enhance the prospects of a career for the students. This course will also involve education of various technical skills and also provide knowledge on numerical methods and the use of statistical tools like EXCEL and SPSS. The course of business management will also involve various learning sessions on Management Equity to ensure effective adaptation of the students to the university norms. These topics include report writing, management of time, and working in collaboration.

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Unit details

It is identified that the first and second year of the course is responsible for providing knowledge regarding the basic units of business management which involve areas such as marketing, accounting, project management, PR, international business, and operations management. The final year modules on the other hand involve modules that are optional and can be chosen according to the interest of the students. It is identified from the first year involves a number of topics which involves the introduction of management equity that helps the students to understand the fundamentals of management and business and also helps to analyze a number of critical concepts. The second topic involves information regarding financial management and accounting which helps the students to analyze the financial aspects of a business.

The third module helps in analyzing the business environment of companies and is followed by the management of information using advanced technologies. Other modules in the first year involved the analysis of organizational behavior and principles of marketing that are crucial for any organization. The second year of the course involves modules that are responsible for providing deep knowledge on business management. These subjects involve the crucial perspectives in management, dimensions of Human Resource Management, and marketing communications. These modules help the students analyze the importance of management and marketing in an organization.

The second-year also involves other vital subjects like project management, research methods of business management, and operations management such that the students are able to ensure effective management of critical business situations and make effective decisions. Moreover, the second-year curse also involves the preparation for placement after the studies. Finally, the third year comprises the final few modules which are strategic management, issues in managing projects, and sustainability and business ethics which are compulsory for the students.

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The third year also contains some optional courses which involve international marketing, knowledge management, entrepreneurship, and gender in organizations. These units help in effectively developing the skills of the students and help in effectively managing the activities of any organization after the completion of the course.

Location:- Brunel University, London

Study Level:- Undergraduate or Bachelor’s degree

Unit Code:- N221

Brief Of N221 Business And Management Assessment

The details of the N221 Assessment Answer as identified from the various units of study help the students to identify and analyze the various requirements of business management and also help to ensure effective activities to ensure high production by the employees. The first year of study deals with the basic introduction of business management concepts like financial management, management equity, and analysis of business environmental factors. These subjects help the students get a significant idea related to managerial functions and the various models that can be used to analyze the situation of the business environment. Other parts of the study involve the management of technological aspects, principles of marketing, and behavior in organizations. This helps the students get a detailed idea regarding the important aspects of business management.

In the second year of study, the students are supposed to work on a more detailed range of topics that involve the critical views in management, the dimensions of human resource management, operation, and project management, and the aspects of marketing communication. These topics are also crucial to ensure effective enhancement of the skills and knowledge level of the students to ensure effective management activities in real business organizations. Module units in the second year also involve the preparation of the students for placement and help to develop the understanding and development of various research methods that are critical for future research. Finally, the third year of study helps the students to analyze the concepts of strategic management, and ethical issues along with sustainability such that these students are able to ensure effective steps during their career in any business. This course also involves some optional subjects that ensure effective skills development in new areas like international marketing, the inclusion of diversity, and knowledge management which are also very important for performing effectively in any organization.

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Weightage Of N221 Business And Management

N221 Business and Management is a full-time degree course that is aimed to develop the managerial aspects of a student. The course requires a minimum of sixty percent for qualifying in the next semester. Moreover, the university also maintains a few criteria which are essential for the students to ensure qualification for the next semester. The exams conducted are mainly theoretical and practical where the theoretical papers comprise nearly seventy percent marks while the practical comprises the remaining thirty percent.

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