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ENGT5115 Sustainable Development

In this course, students will learn that the world economy is on an unsustainable path and that there is a need for fundamental changes to create a sustainable path. In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals and their associated targets. The goals are based on the millennium development goals (SDG) and are presented as a plan of action for prosperity, people, and the planet. The goals will transform the world for the better by the end of 2030.

In recent times, energy has risen to prominence within the global debates, and one of the SDGs focuses on energy. However, energy has an implied role in various other SDGs as well. Hence, it is vital to understand the role of energy contemplated in the SDGs and identify the challenges that might occur while achieving them by 2030. The assignment's core requirement is for the student to demonstrate that they have developed a critical understanding of sustainable development while it is being discussed in policy literature and academic journals, and, from the evidence provided, while it is being practiced in the area of energy. Through this assignment, the student will be able to assess their progress in developing the skills necessary for structuring an essay, material selection, and referencing. It will further help the students to assess their understanding of the subject and their ability to present their ideas coherently. The university associated with this course is De Montfort University.

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The assignment will encourage the student to think about the role of energy in sustainable development goals. Furthermore, assist students in identifying issues that may arise while achieving the SDGs that are relevant to energy, such as SDG7, where energy plays a significant role. The assignment encourages the student to suggest ways of overcoming the challenges.

Unit Details Of ENGT5115 Sustainable Development

Location: Leicester, UK.

Study level: Postgraduate

Unit code : ENGT5115

A Brief On ENGT5115 Sustainable Development Assessment

The assessment includes the selection of academic, peer-reviewed journal articles published after 2016 that deal with energy and its role in the SDGs. The assessment also includes a short paper that does not exceed 1000 words, which excludes the abstract and bibliography, for critically analyzing the articles being selected in step 1 for discussing energy and its role in SDGs that highlights the issues arising while achieving the SDGs that are relevant to energy. For example, SDG7 is relevant to energy and suggests solutions to the issues. The paper must demonstrate that the learning outcomes are met and that the work is by the guidance and notes being followed. The student can use the materials that are available on the blackboard with appropriate references and citations.

The learning outcomes for this course include critical awareness and understanding of the concepts of sustainable development as well as sustainability being encountered in policy debates and current research. Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to use relevant information to explain and defend their arguments. The student will be able to deliver balanced and appropriate conditions. The ability of the student to structure their arguments concisely and is the appropriate style for a postgraduate academic essay. The students will be able to demonstrate their referencing skills, which will help them in the future.

There is an indicative list as well as the suggested topics that cover a broader range of issues, and it is for the guidance of the students alone. The students are not expected to consider the issues that have been indicated under a topic. The students first need to develop their questions, and they must not blindly follow the questions indicated below.

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a) Achievement of the SDGs

SDGs have been in place for nearly four years. Thus, the first question is whether any progress has been made towards the implementation of the SDGs. Discuss the performance of different regions and countries and the lessons that have emerged to take the agenda forward.

b) Sustainable cities: With rapid urbanization, it is critical to pay special attention to sustainable urban areas to support the primary goals of sustainable development. performance of the cities in terms of sustainability and the strategies and plans that are aligned with delivering the SDG targets need to be discussed?

c) Long-term development and deep decarbonization:

The Paris Agreement has accelerated global emissions reduction to deal with the climate challenge. How might deep decarbonization options affect sustainable development at the global as well as national level?

d) Circular economy for long-term development:

The circular economy concept has caught the attention of service providers and industries. Discuss the concept that is used to practice and the lessons one can learn from others.

Economic growth and sustainable development

Economic growth affects climate change and sustainable development. Thus, the student might discuss the compatibility of economic growth with sustainable development and the chances of development without growth.

f) Helping to shape a country's future of sustainable energy.

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Variations are possible on this topic. A holistic picture, along with actions, is needed to achieve the goal at one end. The challenges for this objective must be considered as a separate work category. Further, the specific dimensions of the problem like climate change, poverty, the environment, finance, etc. must be considered as potential topics. Finally, it is possible to analyze the plans of a country to achieve sustainability targets. The way the energy sector will evolve to support the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

g) Long-term strategies

With the action plans and sustainable development targets, it is vital to analyze the strategies of the country, its targets as well as policies. Similarly, organizations and firms need to develop strategies for overcoming their future challenges. Analyzing through a coherent framework is a good research activity. A comparative analysis of two or more cases might also provide interesting insights.

h) Governance and its implementation:

This underlines the importance of institutions in shaping the implementation of sustainable development. Whether the arrangements at present are suitable for the purpose. can the governance challenge be addressed?

The Weightage Of This ENGT5115 Course Code In Their Semester

The weightage of this course is high, and the course contributes 70% of the overall module score. The learning outcomes for this course include critical awareness and understanding of the concepts of sustainable development as well as sustainability being encountered in policy debates and current research.

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