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EMSK5012 employability skills are designed to help you gain work-related experience, practical knowledge, and employability skills with the Victorian Employability Skills Certificate at Victoria University Polytechnic. This course offers you a pathway into apprenticeships, traineeships, or further study. Employability skills are developed during academic studies and are considered fundamental academic skills, which are the skills required as a basis to progress in a professional career.

These skills come helpful foreign individuals to develop at the workplace. Fundamental skills could be many, such as managing information, solving problems using numbers, and communicating. Communication cannot be ignored and has a significant Association in contemporary workplaces. In today's work, communication is critical. When you would work, you will be needed to go through and comprehend information presented in numerous different ways, such as charts and graphs. Writing and speaking will allow you to communicate effectively with your co-workers, supervisors, and managers. In addition, listening and asking functions is very important to understand the task at hand.

When you are on the job, your boss gives you the task of moving stock from one aisle to another and then feeling the entry space with something brand new. The nature of the job could be different and vary with the kind of job you will be doing. But you need to use your communication skills more often to listen intently to know precisely what you are being asked to do. Having good communication skills will allow you to work faster and do the right job the first time.

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At an intermediate level, you will be developing:

  • Literacy and numeracy skills
  • Work-related skills
  • Industry-specific skills
  • Personal and employability skills

EMSK5012 employability skills  is delivered under the Victorian registration and qualifications authority's authority.

Victoria University Polytechnic delivers the electives listed in the course structure and units as follows. These electives are selected basis industry needs student and teacher feedback and graduate Pathways. Suppose you dream of being a part of this course and, of course, being awarded the Victorian certificate of employability skills as a student. In that case, you must complete a learning program containing a minimum of 10 credits that include:

  • Curriculum components to the value of at least one credit, each of which can be justified against the purpose statement for each of the four curriculum strands;
  • Minimum of two units;
  • One credit for numeracy and;
  • Curriculum components to the value of 6 credits at the level of the scores or above, of which one must be for the literacy skills unit and one for the personal development skills unit.

The Curriculum Strands;

Each contains four curriculum strands;

  1. Literacy and numeracy skills strands

To satisfy the requirements of the literacy and numeracy skills strand requirements, students must ensure they successfully attain one credit for literacy and another for numeracy. The literacy unit must be at the award level or even about that. The numerous units must be at the award level or below. FE units selected must be at certificate II or higher level.

Personal Development Skills Strands

Students must complete a minimum possible 1 credit from the individual development strand at the award level or beyond.

Work-Related Skills Strand

Students should complete a minimum of one credit from the work-related skills strand. The curriculum selected from this can include work-related skills units, the units aligned to the work-related skills strand, and set accredited FE modules or certificates or nationally accredited VET units or modules of competencies.

Industry-Specific Skills Strand

Students must complete a minimum of 1 credit in the industry-specific skills to meet the minimum course requirements. One credit will be given for completing accredited vocational education and training units of competency or modules of 90 nominal hours.

At a minimum, by doing all the units, you must meet the learning outcomes of this course. The Victorian certificate of employability skills is an intermediate level of court, considered a senior secondary certificate of education recognized within the Australian qualification framework. This course has been designed for the interested and those aiming to drive an excellent job in a reputed company after finishing their semesters and University studies. If they have low confidence in whatever they have studied for studying in university will not be sufficient to Grab a job, then we are the one to ensure they get good jobs in reputed companies.

While designing the course, we have considered these things, and so we are very much sure that the system will provide skills, knowledge and applied to learn to young people willing to explore Pathways to their work and further education. In addition, the course also develops skills and knowledge through four key curriculum areas: literacy and numeracy, industry specific skills, work-related skills, and personal development. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to undertake vocational education and training as part of this course that will allow for the completion of accredited VET models and certificates.

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EMSK5012 employability skills does provide options for young people who want to explore work Pathways and further education. The emphasis is on Applied learning and providing you with people skills and knowledge required for work and life. It will help you grab good jobs in reputed companies, understand the practical scenarios and comfortably adapt to those conditions. The course will surely help develop literacy and numeracy skills, work-related skills, personal and employability skills, and industry-specific skills.


For which university this course code is associated.

Victoria University

Unit Details Of EMSK5012 Employability Skills:-

Location: - Footscray Nicholson

Study level: - Intermediate

Unit code: - EMSK5012

Brief Of EMSK5012 Employability Skills Assessment

EMSK5012 employability skills are designed to help students enhance their employability skills, so they can better beat the competition for good jobs. It is a typical scene these days that most jobs receive hundreds and thousands of applications. Getting on top of most of them and ensuring you are among those shortlisted, you must have something that separates you from most of the rest. It is the course that serves these needs of yours.


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