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Explain 16232 Economics For Policy Analysis Course Code

The 16232 assessment answers course is based on the economic policies and students need to analyse various policies what they have studied in the university to apply and complete this assessment. This subject introduces students to the application of economic principles and frameworks in the formulation and interpretation of urban planning and policy. The importance of rigorous analysis in the context of policy formulation and interpretation is emphasised. The subject begins with an introduction to the microeconomic principles for guiding policy options.

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It then explores in detail specific applications from housing, infrastructure provision and environmental valuation. The subject takes a case study approach and students apply their learning through hands-on-exercises, discussions and reports. Recurrent themes of the subject include economic efficiency, social welfare and urban sustainability. The 16232 assignment answers coursework is a part of University of Technology which is located at Sydney, Australia. It was founded in 1870 and the university is regarded as one of the world's leading universities and is ranked as the number one university in 2021. The vison of the university is to be leading public university of technology recognised of their global impact. The university is committed to practical invocation and research that benefits industries and societies. The university believes in social change to create a more just and equal world.

Unit Details

Location- Australia

Study level- Postgraduate

Unit code- 16232

Assessment Brief Of 16232 Economics For Policy Analysis

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of 16232 assessment answers course, students will be able to –

  1. Comprehend and explain economic concepts in an urban policy context
  2. Apply and interpret different economic theories in a way that is meaningful and useful in developing and assessing urban policies over a range of subject areas
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of economic approaches on policy solutions, while presenting convincing and reasoned arguments to a variety of audiences
  1. Apply the knowledge and skills developed to real world problems in conditions under which property economists work
  2. Analyse the main ways in which ethical issues are manifested in economic policy

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Assessment 1

The assessment of 16232 assignemnt answers course is on the analysis of housing preferences which is intended to test whether students have a good understanding of the key concepts and applications covered in relation to the topic Evaluation of Housing Preferences. It will further assess their ability to evaluate housing preferences using the hedonic price method and applying a simple house price dataset provided. The students need to address all the learning objectives and need to also address the learning outcomes that are linked with the code to indicate one of the five CAPRI graduate attribute categories.

Assessment 2

The assessment 2 of 16232 solution is based on critical commentary where the students will write a critical commentary on the topics covered in the second block: Filtering model of housing; urban productivity and housing; and the circular economy. Students have to incorporate their conceptual understanding and policy knowledge to present a critical reflection, including the strengths and weaknesses in relation to the topics provided. The assessment expectations will be discussed during the sessions. The students need to address all the learning objectives and need to also address the learning outcomes that are linked with the code to indicate one of the five CAPRI graduate attribute categories. This is a self-reflective assessment and students need to write this assessment based on the reflective format provided by the university.

Assessment 3

This assessment of 16232 solution course is the final assessment od the course work where the abilities of the students will be assessed concisely to explain various concepts and theories, and apply their knowledge to questions related to real world policy problems. The examination will consist of short essay questions. The students need to address all the learning objectives and need to also address the learning outcomes that are linked with the code to indicate one of the five CAPRI graduate attribute categories.

The students need to follow certain criteria which includes

  1. Consolidated understanding of key concepts and applications
  2. Identification and application of appropriate economic levers for implementation of preferred solutions
  • Quality of comparative analysis of solutions proposed
  1. Application of knowledge to real-world policy problems
  2. Understanding of ethical issues in economic policy analysis

Weightage of the 16232 Economics For Policy Analysis course

The weightage of 16232 task solution is based on economic policies and analysis and is one of the most important assessment for the economics students in the university. The 16232 assessment answers course consist of total three parts which are assessment task 1, assessment task 2, and assessment task 3. Assessment 1 is based on analysis of housing preference which is an individual report based assessment. The total weightage of the assessment is 30% and carries 30 marks in total. Assessment 2 is on critical commentary which is an reflective individual assessment.

The total weightage of the assessment is 30 % and carries 30 marks in total. Assessment 3 is the final examination which is an individual assessment. The total weightage of the 16232 assessment answers course is 40 % and carries 40 mars in total. The assessment is an individual based assessment and thus original work of the student is required. The students might discuss among themselves regarding the assessment for guidance but each paper needs to be unique and original. There is no room for plagiarism and student need to follow all the university guidelines. Proper referencing needs to be done throughout the assessment paper and the referencing needs to be done in APA style with in-text citations as instructed by the university.

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Moreover, students may take help from the university library from books and papers to make the assessment more authentic and better. Being a subject of the postgraduate degree, students are expected to engage with high-quality academic journal articles, using the textbooks, newspapers, journals and anything that can be obtained through authentic and official websites present on the internet will be considered as an authentic source of the secondary research for completing this assessment. The authenticity of the report will be decided based on the research effort and skills presented by the student in the paper and grades will be provided based on the quality and authenticity of the paper.


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