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With the Diploma of Nursing HLT54115 the students may start may start a fulfilling career as an enrolled nurse and work anywhere in Australia.

This course will provide the students with the skills and information they will need to work as a nurse in the fast-paced healthcare business.

Under the supervision of a certified nurse, the students will learn to offer acute, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative treatment. In the university’s ward simulation labs, the students will be able to acquire hands-on learning experience as well as clinical experience through 400 hours of practical assignments. The things that the students will get to learn and become knowledgeable are as follows- medication administration, anatomy and physiology, infection control, intravenous injections, and general nursing.

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Diploma of Nursing HLT54115 will provide the students with the skills, competences, and information necessary to apply for Enrolled Nurse registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Authority (AHPRA). With a growing and ageing population, the nursing profession is expected to expand. A Diploma in Nursing HLT54115 from Victoria University Polytechnic will help the students start a career in a field where they can serve people they care about and the community as a whole. This course opens the door to a variety of fascinating and lucrative job opportunities in the healthcare business. The students will have the skills, competences, and knowledge necessary to apply for registration as an enrolled nurse with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Authority once the students have completed the course (AHPRA). As an enrolled nurse (formerly known as a division 2 nurse), they might work in a number of settings, including public and private hospitals, private nursing, and community health care institutions.

The areas that the nursing students can work are- acute care, rehabilitation, mental health, aged care, palliative care, community care, operating theatres, general practice, home nursing, surgical care, pathology, paediatric care, and maternity.

The core units are-

Collaborate with a variety of persons

Promote cultural safety for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Consider and enhance your own professional practise.

Confirm your physical health.

Analyze and respond to facts about a client's health.

Work as a nurse in Australia's health-care system.

In nursing practise, use communication skills.

Conduct clinical assessments and assist in the planning of nursing care.

Nursing care plans should be implemented, monitored, and evaluated.

Assist with the nursing care of a person with special needs.

In the clinical setting, apply wound management concepts.

Medications and intravenous treatment should be administered and monitored.

Incorporate legal and ethical considerations into nursing practise.

Care for a person with mental illness should be implemented and monitored.

Care for a person with acute health concerns should be implemented and monitored.

Care for a person with chronic health problems should be implemented and monitored.

Care for the elderly should be implemented and monitored.

Incorporate nursing practise into primary health care.

Follow the policies and procedures for infection prevention and control.

For direct client care, use safe work procedures.

The job of an enrolled nurse working under the supervision of a registered nurse is reflected in this certification. This certification includes the skills and information needed to offer nursing care to persons in the health care field. This certification should be based on a lifecycle perspective, with appropriate competences relating to the many stages of life described in the components. A graduate of a Diploma in Nursing programme that has been approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) can seek to be registered as an enrolled nurse with the NMBA.

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Location: Victoria University Melbourne, Australia

Study level: Graduate

Unit code: HLT54115

Weightage Of 20%

Brief Of HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing Assessment

The evaluation will be designed to reinforce and develop students' knowledge and abilities while also establishing a set of regulated parameters for the learning outcome and performance standards. The provisions will also be made so that the knowledge gathered may be put to use through properly designed assignments, resulting in a useful output within a given time frame and timeline. In the context of the job function, students must demonstrate the ability to execute activities listed in this unit's components and performance criteria, manage tasks, and deal with contingencies. This is how students will be graded throughout the course to ensure that they are getting the most out of the material. Concentrating on the components of this course will assist candidates/educators understand these topics and the needs for them, as well as demonstrate their mastery through assignments and real-life circumstances presented for assessment.

In embedded assessments, students' work from particular classes is incorporated. As a result, the students are not even aware that their work is being reviewed. Furthermore, both staff and students are required to develop assessment materials as part of their regular workload. As a consequence, embedded assessments provide a reliable source of information about students' work. In departments that use tests to evaluate students, just a few of the examination items are prepared for evaluation reasons. The lecturer assigns grades based on the students' work. Students' work is examined by instructors to determine what and how they are learning in the program.

Simulators and scenarios must be employed if a wide range of contexts and settings are not or will not be available in the workplace. Evaluation is dangerous or impossible in other situations, such as during an emergency or unplanned surgery. Simulated assessment environments must correctly mirror the real-world working environment in which these abilities and knowledge would be applied, including all necessary equipment and resources. For instance, acute care, rehabilitation, mental health, aged care, palliative care, community care, operating theatres, general practice, home nursing, surgical care, pathology, paediatric care, and maternity.

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The students have to deal with other types of assessments that includes written reports, oral presentation, or maybe multi-genre projects. Apart from that the students will complete one project that critiques the historical events. The students will also be giving written examinations and this would help to understand how much they could understand the course. This unit has class participation and student contribution as an assessment.

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