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A business is regarded as an entity in the form of an organisation or an enterprise whose main purpose is to come up with or engage in any professional, industrial or commercial activities. They can range widely from a sole proprietorship to any large international corporation and can vary greatly in size from a small to a big one. A business may not necessarily be for profit. A non-profit organization or a charity-based organisation is also a part of a business. Such businesses often support a social cause. There are also businesses that work towards the growth of art, culture, recreation or education without any profit. They do not necessarily support a social cause but are still significant. A business can also be regarded as an effort made by an individual or a group of people to gain profit by selling services or goods or performing charity. A business often needs an idea or goal to work towards and also a plan of operation to go about achieving the target.

Management is a term that is often associated with the proper handling of resources. It is a term that has grown in significance across the years in terms of usage although its application existed long back. Management can simply be defined as the process of organizing and planning activities and resources in order to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of work. Management is generally involved with work being performed by an individual or a group or organisation. Work may require a combination of time, money, manpower, thought processing and much more.

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Management lies in the fact that how well the team or an individual can handle these all properly in order to get the best of all available resources and save what can be saved. This philosophy finds a lot of usage in the real world and has seen usage for a long time. With the passage of time, the major implementations of the word management have changed very little. Man has essentially been managing food, water, relationships and other essentials throughout the course of history. With the rise of ruling kingdoms, the management responsibilities of different people changed and then with the rise of the industrial revolution and technology, management concepts have changed gradually. This gradual change is expected to continue forever as man change their needs and requirements.

In this assessment, the students shall learn the importance of business and management of the businesses. They shall learn the ways in which business can be led by the usage of techniques. The aim of the assessment is to make the students aware of all the current aspects of business and management such that they can continue with the same in the future.

Unit Details

Location: Holmes University, United Kingdom

Study level: Bachelors

Unit Code: NX9637


As mentioned before, assessment comprises business management and its issues. Answer the following questions as per the weightage that has been provided below so that the coursework can be completed.

  1. What is entrepreneurship? Name one biggest entrepreneur in the field of technology? What are his or her achievements? Where did they start? What are their strategies or mantras for being successful?
  2. What is business management? what is the importance of communication in business management? why is it essential for the business to practice management?
  3. What is the importance of leadership in management? what are the ways in which leaders can shape an organization? what is the role of technology in improving leadership abilities? State with examples from various sources.

Weightage Of NX9637 BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT in Semester

Each student is expected to complete the assessment on their own. Marks shall be allotted based on the marking rubrics, which has been provided to the students along with their coursework. They are expected to complete all the parts of the assessment on their own. There are three main parts of the assessment and they are one short answer type question and the other two are the long answer types question.

For the first question, the mark allotted is 20 marks.  Here the student has to be short and precise. The answers shall be written mainly in points and should justify the questions or the requirement of the assessment. The next two questions are descriptive in nature and shall be written in such a manner that the student, as well as the assessor, shall understand each and every part of the question and answer in detail. Each of these two questions is of 25 marks.

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The entire coursework is worth 70 marks and the students shall score a minimum of 35 marks to pass in their course work. in order to get a distinction in their coursework, the students should score at least 50 out of 70 marks.

Another major concern of the assessment and coursework completion is plagiarism. The students should not copy and paste their assessment from the other students. They should be well aware of the fact that each of the assessments should pass the TURNITIN. the percentage of plagiarism here should not exceed 10 % beyond which the coursework should be revised by the student.

Lastly, and most importantly, every statement or fact stated from other articles or sources should be referenced using the APA format. This shall help the assessor to obtain the source from which the assessment has been taken up and whether or not the source is relevant.

The students should follow all the ethical considerations of research. They should abide by the rules and regulations of the organization. They should ensure that no unfair means have been used for this assessment. It is expected that the student has taken up the coursework completely and shall do the assignment on their own.

Extension of the deadline shall be done based on medical grounds. One must produce valid certification regarding the issues which they are facing or should provide proper reasoning due to which the extension shall be mandatory. All the submissions must be done in PDF format.

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