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102203 Contemporary Social Issues and Professional Practice code is one of the major sociological-based codes that can be said to be important for students enrolling in different kinds of sociological-based studies. The following code presents the opportunity to the students to develop position-based papers that are based on social studies. The position-based sociological papers are used in a wide variety of contexts and purposes. These include the likes of, government and non-government organizations, political parties, business organizations, and corporate sectors.

The development of a proper ground discussion and the approach to the different sociological issues is an important addition to this particular study. The unit code presents the opportunity to the students to develop a position paper that can be applied in a debate context. Such a process presents the opportunity to describe a particular position, its issue, and the rationale of the position. Proper evidence is provided on a strong foundation for the argument. Such a process helps to develop strong support on the issue and accordingly helps the management to convince the readers.

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On the other hand, the major cause is to specifically present a compelling goal that can easily justify the position and merits of a particular cause of action. The students are free to choose any form of sociological perspective that can help to develop a professional study on social issues and the practices that are needed to be done accordingly. Some of the major topics that can be used by the students to develop the course code are as follows;

  • Can Australia be claimed as a successful example of multiculturalism in action?
  • Is censorship ethical on the internet and should there be proper censorship on the internet?
  • Is the fundamental source of conflict in the 21stcentury cultural in nature? How would the cultural source be defined?
  • Can the current times be said to be a post-feminist period in which gender can be no longer a major barrier to equity?
  • Do governments of modern times need to be focused on the eradication of sex work? Please explain whether sex work is a necessary form of labor?
  • Does cyberspace offer more freedom to people than in everyday life? Are the forms and expression of identities much easier than in everyday life?
  • Is the global economy re-configuring the workplace so that both the employees and the employers have equal share of benefits?
  • Is it important for the governments and the other social institutions working in the community to provide proper and professional sex education? Will it be all right to include sex education from the kindergarten in different Australian private and public schools?

Unit details of 102203 Contemporary Social Issues and Professional Practice

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code: 102203

Location: Australia

Study Level: Post-Graduate

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Brief on 102203 Contemporary Social Issues and Professional Practice

The students are allowed to choose any of the topics mentioned above. They are free to select the topics, study and research on them and accordingly develop their own sociological perspective. There are some specific criteria to take admission to this particular unit. Students must have completed 80 credit points of the University to enroll in the course. Apart from this, the students must also need to complete some other units to enroll in the 102203 contemporary social issues and professional practice code. Some of the codes that need to be completed by the students include the likes of;

  • 102314 Policing Practices
  • 101557 The individual in the society
  • 102170 People, place and social differences
  • 102250 Ethical Leadership
  • 40037 Social Research Methods

The development of the professional practice of the unit will provide the students of the social sciences with the opportunity to improve the different forms of career readiness. The use of a particular combination of a practical and theoretical teaching framework can be important for success. Such a feature can help the students to translate the knowledge of social science from a personal level to a professional level. Such kind of transformation can thus help the students to develop career-relevant knowledge in an effective and professional manner.

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Weightage of this 102203 Course Code in their Semester

Last but not least that the students need to take care of is the weightage of the course. The weightage of the course is an important factor for the courses as it helps determine the importance of each of the terms and semesters involved in a particular code. The weightage of the 102203 contemporary social issues and professional practice code is provided below;



Term 1


Term 2


Term 3


Discipline, Punctuality





The university has its own set of discretion regarding each and every decision taken on the teaching process. Deadlines are a major consideration of the course and deadlines must not be missed. Lastly, plagiarism is a punishable offense and no such things will be entertained during the completion of the course.

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