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AIX290 An Introduction to Australia offered by Deakin University, Australia. The unit studies current debates, issues, and concerns in the understanding of contemporary Australian society and culture. It focuses on the interests of international students who need skills and understandings for work and study in Australia.

Through an introduction to the key issues facing Australians today, the unit aims to develop students' skills for working and communicating in the international context; locate Australia in various global contexts, within the British Empire, Asia, the global economy, politics, and international relations; and take an international perspective on diversity and difference in Australian culture and society, through a range of studies of popular culture, histories, settlement, landscape, and people.

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The course has the following learning outcomes:

  • Articulate and understand some key issues currently animating Australia Today
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of Australian history, society, politics, and culture; to allow an informed cultural orientation to Australia
  • Research, structure, and write an essay, field research report, and in-class exercises in English to an acceptable academic standard, using scholarly conventions
  • Utilizing the field methods of participation and observation along with other research techniques, analyze the experience of an Australian cultural artifact and locate it into its wider social and historical setting
  • Utilize the skills and knowledge presented in the unit to interrogate current politics, landscapes, and issues and locate them into an international context

The graduate learning outcomes of the course include:

  1. Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities
  2. Communication
  3. Digital literacy
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Problem-solving

Before the arrival of European settlers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples inhabited most areas of the Australian continent. Each people spoke one or more of hundreds of separate languages, with lifestyles and cultural traditions that differed according to the region in which they lived. Their complex social systems and highly developed traditions reflect a deep connection with the land and environment.

Asian and Oceanic mariners and traders were in contact with Indigenous Australians for many centuries before the European expansion into the Eastern Hemisphere. Some formed substantial relationships with communities in northern Australia.

Scarcity of labor, the vastness of the land, and new wealth based on farming, mining, and trade made Australia a land of opportunity. Yet during this period, Indigenous Australians suffered enormously. Death, illness, displacement, and dispossession disrupted traditional lifestyles and practices. This course teaches the students all these aspects and many others through the course.

Unit Details Of AIX290 An Introduction To Australia

Unit details of this course include the following: 

Unit code:- AIX290

Location:- Australia

Study level: - undergraduate, vocational

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Brief On AIX290 An Introduction To Australia

The assessments are conducted throughout the year. The assessments focus on essay writing, research writing, and argumentative writing. Students will be assessed on their historiographical literacy, critical thinking, research skills, communication skills, writing, and intellectual integration. Students will need to demonstrate knowledge of the sub-discipline of the current, overarching paradigms, theories, and ethics that define professional practice like seminar, portfolio essay, capstone project, essay for outside field.

Teaching methods will place emphasis on drawing on and utilizing your experiences, and will also include group work, guided reflection, individual study of course materials, and discussion of theories, ideas, and concepts. The course has two types of assessments, formative and summative. The formative assessments are not formal tests of exams. The summative assessments have two parts, one reflective report having 70% of the total marks in the course and a group report having 30% of the total marks of the course.

The students are encouraged to take part in weekly forum discussions and quizzes to develop their knowledge of the students. Assessments include essay writing, research, argument forming, and many more.

Assessment Details

Assessment Description

Student output

Grading and weighting
(% total mark for a unit)

Assessment 1 - Class Exercise

1000 words


Assessment 2 - Report

1000 words


Assessment 3 - Essay

2000 words


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Weightage Of This AIX290 Course Code In Their Semester

This course code has a weightage of 100 marks in the semester. The students have to score at least 50% of the total marks.

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