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BS7114 international business strategy with simulation is one of the most popular postgraduate courses that can be pursued after completion of the degree in any other subject. The subject provides the students with a wide range of choices regarding the topic of study. This helps the students develop practical knowledge and skills that are important for developing a career in management. This course helps the students to develop their competencies in various disciplines of business and also ensures a number of employment opportunities in the market. The students are capable of selecting their specialization according to the availability and marks. These pathways involve marketing, project management, entrepreneurship, or the general path of managing international business.

This management course is recognized by the “European Foundation for Management Development” (EFMD) and the “Association of MBAs” (AMBA) and provides the students with an opportunity to pursue a Prince 2 qualification. The students are also provided with an opportunity to visit foreign schools of business to develop understanding and knowledge of some local companies. Moreover, the students will also be capable of developing a new range of contacts due to the high diversity in the students participating in the course.

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This course is mainly based on the analysis of real business situations and also includes involvement in consultancy projects of real business organizations. This will help the students to develop strong aspects of management and also ensure the effective development of managerial and analytical skills that are important for any business management activity. The university is also one of the most reputed schools of business in the UK among the one hundred and twenty other schools of business and has also been awarded an excellent rate in the quality of teaching by the Funding Council of Higher Education.

Unit Details

BS7114 international business strategy with simulation helps the students develop critical knowledge and understanding regarding the international strategy and business and the general management concepts. The course enables the students to select different pathways or specialization trades that have relative modules. These pathways are mainly marketing, international business, project management, and entrepreneurship. The students are also provided with an optional second year of study that contains a few modules regarding business management and helps to complete the course effectively.

The modules in the entrepreneurship pathway involve the core modules like management of innovation, “consultancy in practice”, the strategy of international business with simulation, fundamentals of managing a business, international trade and business environment, and entrepreneurship. These core modules are directed to enhancing entrepreneurial understanding and competencies. The course also involves a number of optional courses which are open-ended and can be selected by the students to over thirty credits. Similarly project management, international business, and marketing also involve a number of core modules that are aimed at enhancing the knowledge and understanding of the students regarding the respective specializations. A number of optional courses are also available for these students to develop knowledge regarding supporting concepts that will help to ensure effective management of the activities for the specific specialization. Most of the pathways have the same core modules which are common and ensure effective development of knowledge regarding the principles of management and international business. The pathways allow the students to select specific supporting modules which can ensure effective development in various areas that can ensure effective support of the activities to be undertaken in the future. The optional second year involves mainly the course of work placement which is mainly aimed at enhancing the skills of the students regarding the application of the knowledge on specific business organizations.

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Location:- Kingston University, London

Study Level:- Masters level or postgraduate

Unit Code:- BS7114

Brief of BS7114 international business strategy with simulation Assessment

The course involves a number of pathways that are related and ensures effective enhancement of competencies of the students in the management of an international business. The first pathway involves an international business that mainly helps in developing skills regarding the elements of international business trade and environment. The second pathway is based on entrepreneurship which helps the students to develop new ideas of innovative products and business such that new entrepreneurial business can be effectively developed, managed, and extended in the future.

The third pathway is related to the marketing aspects of international business. This specialization helps to develop an understanding of marketing concepts and enables the analysis of buyer behavior and examination of the latest theories and practices of marketing. Another specialization pathway is based on project management and involves the development of skills to monitor and plan various projects and manage the progress of these projects in a strategic manner.

This course also helps the students to develop the capability to analyze their own progress and performance and ensure effective response to provide feedback. Finally, an optional second year of study is also included in the course for the students to sharpen their skills regarding placement. This year of study involves the participation of the students in various business environments to ensure effective resolution and management of issues in their trade of specialization. This helps the students to ensure effective enhancement of their skills and ensure strong opportunities in the future.

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Weightage of BS7114 international business strategy with simulation course

The weightage of each module is dependent on the module itself. Most of the important modules comprise thirty credits among which sixty percent of marks are considered as passes. The credits in each module are divided into practical and theoretical examinations that are arranged through the semester examinations. Most of the pathways comprise similar modules in the core area and involve similar weightage or credit points. To ensure effective pass marks in all the modules the students are required to get a pass percentage of sixty percent in all the modules. Marks to the students are calculated on a total of all the credit points and a final percentage is initiated which helps to identify the position of each student in the university. The second year of study is comprised of one module and is of one hundred and twenty credits among which the students are required to score sixty percent to pass.

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