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11492 Mobile Technologies is mainly taught at the University of Canberra situated in Canberra, Bruce. Therefore, the unit focuses on a range of mobile technologies, mobile devices, standards, and services that enable interaction between people and businesses. This includes the modern software and operating systems that drive mobile devices. The students study the issues of performance, program development, system testing, re-usability, and maintenance in such systems via laboratory experimentation and current industry examples. Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and appropriate emulators are used in experiments and projects to develop applications for mobile devices. In addition, the course helps in clearing any doubt with regard to the requirements of any particular assignments or assessment procedure, the onus for clarifying the issue rests with the student who should contact the unit convenor or tutor.

The course prerequisites the use of 4483 Software Technology 1, while there are no Corequisites and the incompatible units with the course is 9076 Mobile Technologies G. Moreover, there are no equivalent units to the current course, while it is assumed knowledge of Object-oriented programming language. Thus, there is no prescribed textbook for this unit, where the lecture materials, tutorial questions and answers, assignment specifications, and other related information are required.

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Unit Details Of 11492 Mobile Technologies 

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code -  11492

Location - University of Canberra

Study levelUndergraduate Advanced Unit

Thus, the students on successful completion of this unit will be able to describe the various issues associated with modern mobile technologies, devices, standards, and services. In addition, students can apply problem-solving skills in designing and developing: mobile application structures, mobile applications with databases, and security requirements. Furthermore, the student can analyze mobile technologies, and interpret the technical requirements for a given mobile application, which helps in developing the mobile applications using Android, iOS, and Windows Phone and evaluating the modern mobile technologies and software development tools for mobile devices. Thus, the students are provided knowledge of using creativity, critical thinking, analysis, and research skills to solve theoretical and real-world problems.

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Brief On 11492 Mobile Technologies

The student graduates become professionals, where they are able to use creativity, critical thinking, analysis, and research skills to solve theoretical and real-world problems. In addition, the global students can graduate to make creative use of technology in their learning and professional lives, while helping the student a lifelong lesson, where it reflects on their own practice, updating and adapting their knowledge and skills for continual professional and academic development.

In addition, the activities of the student are estimated on hours, which need to be conducted on weekly basis. Thus, there are participation requirements, where the students can participate in both class and online activities will enhance your understanding of the unit content and therefore the quality of your assessment responses. Lack of participation may result in your inability to satisfactorily pass assessment items. Thus, the students are required to have IT skills, where the common IT skills, such as writing a report electronically, using web browsers, and using Canvas are required.

Weightage Of This 11492 Course Code In Their Semester

The weightage of this 11492 Course Code in Their Semester is mainly at a 3 credit point level, where there are special assessment requirements for final assessment in the unit, the result will be one of the following grades: HD, DI, CR, P, or Fail (NX, NC or NN). Thus, the final mark is calculated, where the Final mark (out of 100) = 10 Tutorial and Quiz mark (out of 50) + Mid-semester Assignment mark (out of 20) + Final Assignment mark (out of 30) and the final grade for the subject is then determined according to the following table:

 85 <= Final mark <= 100

 Final grade = HD

 75 <= Final mark < 85

 Final grade = DI

 65 <= Final mark < 75

 Final grade = CR

 50 <= Final mark < 65

 Final grade = P

 0 <= Final mark < 50

 Final grade = FAIL (NX, NC or NN)

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