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1605ENG Sustainable Construction course is all about proliferating the knowledge of sustainable construction. Sustainable construction is the only to promote green practices for sustainability and make sure that human civilization exists for some centuries. Global warming and the consequent climate change has adversely impacted the earth and in the coming 50 years, people will see a terribly shocking phase in their coming days if climate change is not addressed properly.

Universities are gradually incorporating practices of green habits and proliferating the application of sustainable construction and responsible consumption. However, these practices need to be practiced to more extent and there is an urgent need for providing clarity in terms of generating mass awareness and clean and safe energy consumption and uses for both industries and other economic activities and for civil use.  

Sustainable construction and net-zero buildings are emblematic of utilizing renewable energy sources and producing clean energy for consumption. All homes and structures shall be leveraged in terms of sustainable energy consumption and for civil purposes. In case there will be excess energy in the houses, they shall be sent back to the grid itself, and thus a waste of energy can be drastically reduced.

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On the contrary, in the countries and provinces that lie in the tropics and sub-tropics, the use of a small hole at the top for ventilation can suck in more energy from the highest point of the buildings. Additionally, rooftops can be used for collecting rainwater so that reduction of the used water can be ensured and the reuse and recycling process can promote sustainability. All these aspects are described in the 1605ENG task answers that will give clear and compact pictures to students and they will become better engineers and responsible citizens of the modern globalized world.

Unit details of 1605ENG Sustainable Construction

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code:- 1605ENG

Location:- Brisbane, Australia

Study level:- Undergraduate

Brief on 1605ENG Sustainable Construction

1605ENG assessment answersof the course is made on the basis of understanding various aspects of net-zero buildings and providing sustainable constructions. Basis approaches of the course is laid for developing a better understanding of students. In doing so, students have to go through a proper module of conceptual learning by means of which they can understand the subjects crucially and practically. Another attribute of the course is made for providing stability and conceptual clarity by reorienting the concept of the World Green Building Council and proliferating the goals of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The IGBC’s approach in managing the entire system inlaid on green cities and sustainable development by the involvement of sustainable and long-lasting constructions.

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The approach of course is centered on taking out various facets of dimensional ability to apply and contemplate on the best possible construction practices for a better earth. In addition to that, assessments will also be based on conceptualizing different goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) series. Especially, SDG 12 will be the center of the course’s objectives and the assessors will evaluate on the basis of proper understanding and assimilation of relevant knowledge.  The Net-Zero concept is additionally taken into consideration that says to reduce the global energy consumptions particularly form the electricity and energy purposes.

In the context of buildings, net-zero is related to a reduction of energy while constructing buildings or other public properties and government assets like bridges, river dams, canals, municipalities, etc. Using renewable energy sources to the maximum level possible is a major objective of the course and this shall open new ideas and doors to unexplored dimensions of how buildings and all such constructions can be used the best in favor of humans.

Weightage of this 1605ENG Course Code in Their Semester

The weightage of the course 1605ENG has a weightage of 10 credit points in their semester which is commensurate to 30% of the course. There is an equivalence of two-band points as far as student’s contribution is concerned. This undergraduate-level course is laid in providing the role of sustainable construction in developing the world for a better future.

Moreover, the weightage of the course is also provided in the understanding concepts of facilities and green retrofits in building and other new constructions. Building on a larger scale is mostly being criticized by environmental experts. Dr. Tingting Liu is the convener of the course and is indeed a major player of global sustainable pledges and campaigns at the United Nations (UN). In the goal coast campus of the university, the course will be focused on offline education.

At the same time, there are provisions for facilitating quality education to foreign students. All necessary areas of the course are laid on the basis of providing a quality and compact education system. There are chances of misleading education when it comes to construction and earning more and more profits from therein. However, the course is based on the real trends of global construction that are indeed the need of the hour to save the earth and provide stability to the global infrastructural system.

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