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PROJ6004 Contracts and Procurement course is associated with the Laureate International Universities. This course is focused on teaching the students the procurement contracts in the enterprise business. This course is focused on teaching the students the skills and knowledge to evaluate the risks associated with contract and procurement management approaches and make recommendations to global sponsors with regard to best practices in this area.

The student also learns to use the best practice contract and procurement process for the management of global projects. Furthermore, in this course, the students learn about planning for the purchase and acquisitions, requests for proposals, vendor selection, contract administration, and contract closure. Through PROJ6004  assessment answers, the student also learns about the techniques to manage the relationship between the buyer and the seller, assess vendor performance, contract change control, and conflict resolution.

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Students learn how to approach key issues with regard to short and long-term contracts, and small and large contracts. Topics covered include the examination of procurement strategies, responsiveness, and supplier-client relationships. Students will also examine tendering, bidding, and order management processes, relevant legal and commercial implications. 

The delivery model of this code is through face-to-face, through E-learning platforms and intensive facilities like residential, summer school, weekend workshops. The work-integrated learning activities related to this code include mixed/blended, full-time, part-time, and others.

General Information about PROJ6004 Administrative Details




Master of Global project

4 trimesters


Management (advances)

3 trimesters


Master of global project management

2 trimesters


Grduate diploma project management

1 trimester


Unit details of PROJ6004 Contracts and Procurement 

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: PROJ6004

Location: Laureate International Universities

Study level: Postgraduate

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Brief on PROJ6004 Contracts and Procurement 

Learning outcomes

LO1-  Critically evaluate the risks associated with contract and procurement management approaches and make recommendations for global project sponsors with regard to 'best practice' in this area.

LO2 - Apply judgment and initiative in the development of the 'best practice' contract and procurement process for global project management, identifying the external factors that need to be considered and mitigated for in every instance.

LO3 - Analyse the responsibilities of the procurement manager and project manager necessary to ensure stakeholder satisfaction.

Location – Central Queensland, Australia

Study level – Postgraduate (level 600)

Unit code – PROJ6004

Assignment 1: A case study

Contracts and procurement review of the case study and associated learning resources, including detailed analysis of findings.

Type of assignment - Individual report

Length – 2400 words

The case study task is to review and analyze the detailed findings of the case study. The assignment comprises three parts: Part A, Part B, and Part C

Part A: Part A of the assignment consists of a summary of the procurement context and scope (life cycle journey of the case study project). Identify the project procurement components and tender evaluation that may have been used in the case study according to the student's knowledge of the theory that has been taught in the class.

Part B: In part B of the task, the students have to describe the complexities (and key issues/risks), discuss the project environment and organization aspects, leadership and governance, and how these factors have influenced the outcomes.

Part C: In this part, the students have to identify or suggest key migrations and possible leanings. Explain how those leanings may require changes to roles and responsibilities of key project resources changes to procurement briefs or specifications, scope, and the procurement procedure itself. The student has to identify dependencies and common themes in the task.

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Weightage of this PROJ6004 Course Code in their Semester

The credit points for the course are 10. The total course credit points are outlined in the following section:



Master of Global Project Management


Credits Master of Global Project Management


Graduate Diploma Project Management


Graduate Certificate Project Management


Assessment 1 (PART A, B, and C) and individual report (40%)

  • The content, audience, and purpose(30%)  - exhibit minimum standard and high levels of independence
  • Knowledge and understanding (30%) – A sophisticated understanding of field or discipline. The student is able to systematically and critically discriminate between the assertion of personal opinion and the integration of course materials.
  • Correct citation of key resources and evidence (20%) – Use of high-quality, credible, and relevant resources to support and develop arguments.
  • Effective communication (20%) – Logical and persuasive presentation and demonstrating the flow of arguments.

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