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102096 Assessment Answers is going to contribute to the different aspects of skills and literacy, which will enable adoptable and lifelong learning of teaching. The students will also demonstrate a coherent, comprehensive, and connecting knowledge with the curriculum. It will also apply knowledge to proper intellectual inquiry in a professional or applied context. It is also going to bring proper knowledge to life through proper engagement and appreciation of diversity in the world. This unit is going to concentrate on the premise that in contemporary educational environments the teachers have to continuously develop their professional education and knowledge as well as practice through proper engagement in reflective inquiry.

The proper capacity to read as well as perceive the aspects of research is a very important and professional attribute for all the teachers who are interested in sustainable practices, engage inquiry and understand diversity along with social justice and equity. This unit will provide pre-service teachers with a junction as well as practical insight into the daily decision-making of all the educators. This course will also follow aspects of order and logic that experience researchers have to take in order to ensure proper quality in their research and ensure that the research is ethical, useful along with being socially responsible and valid.

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The content will also be given with professional skills, which are required by the teachers, and the unit will be a particular generation to different elements, which are involved in action research. This unit will support the aspects of integrating subject discipline content, educational policy, and educational theory with proper pedagogical knowledge and the assessment of student learning at the secondary school level. It will also demonstrate proper engagement in reflective professional practices which are derived from personal research and inquiry into scholarly research. It will also help in developing a pedagogical structure which or rises a theoretical basis and will creatively apply relevant and contemporary strategies. It will also help in applying creative and critical problem-solving where the students can independently or dependently generate innovative solutions to teaching and learning problems in secondary schools. The students will also learn how to communicate fluently and with proper imagination along with evidence-based outcomes to parents, colleagues as well as a professional community.

They will also understand the application of global perspective when they are giving a critique to the cultural and social processes in order to support a personal construction of a proper sustainable and innovative learning environment. The students will also learn how to apply a deep understanding of cultural and social processes in order to support the personal construction of teaching improvement. The unit is also going to teach the students to understand and improve the practice of teaching by generating research frameworks and designing teaching improvement studies.

The students will also learn the aspects of community development and the social responsibility that they have towards the students and the community as well as the families. They will also learn how to teach in different learning environments. The students will learn how to be competent teachers and also understand the different needs of the students and the manner in which they are comfortable in studying. The students of this course are also going to learn about the different frameworks of teaching.

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Unit Details

Study level:-The study level is a master's Degree.

Unit code:-102096 

University:- Western Sydney University

Brief of 102096 Researching Teaching and Learning

The 102096 assessment Solution is going to be taken in class assessments as well as the final assessment along with the project. There are 12 modules that will concentrate on the different aspects of teaching. The assessment is going to have self-directed learning and mentor contracts along with a case study project as well as exams and a final report. It is also going to have in-class exercises. They will be two extra credit assignments each of which will be 0.5% worth and added to the final grade. The course is going to create according to the mastery of the course material and the demonstration of a professional level of writing and speaking as well as they will be team-based for a project.

The cost great will be computed according to grades and numbers. The assessment will only allow the students to use the proper notes and tools during exams which are allowed by the teachers. The students who have English as a second language have to bring a language dictionary. The students will not be allowed to see anything outside that was material or study while they are repairing for the examinations. This assessment is going to assess the students and their understanding of strategic management as well as the laws which are pertaining to the organizations.

It is also going to evaluate their project work as well as the class assessments in order to give the final grade. Will have to be all the exams without fail and if they cannot give emergency we have to give examinations will be scheduled for them later on. Have to use proper punctuation and appropriate language as well as a business writing style in order to have a credible answer.

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Weightage of 102096 Assignment Answers in semesters

The weightage of the examination is 30% along with the project work, which is going to be 50%, and the student has to pass in all the class exercises along with project work and group projects along with the final exam in order to secure a passing rate of the course. The student will be allowed to take a re-exam nation only once and that will be under the jurisdiction of the teacher. Play student also has to complete the project work and submit it in time in order to secure the proper marks that are needed to pass the course. Only genuine emergencies and illnesses will be handled. If the student is absent for more than three days there will be a 1% deduction should be applied to find out the percentage per absent over three.

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