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The University of Glasgow is a university that provides educational services in the United Kingdom. The University of Glasgow offers accredited high school education courses, gearing up younger students for study in UK colleges and universities. SBLC4004 economics for business aims to strengthen students' research and critical thinking abilities by requiring them to produce a corporation analysis based on the economics knowledge they learned in class. It examines demand and supply in the real estate market in the United Kingdom, as well as the elements (other than cost) that impact demand and supply.

The research focuses on the labor market in the United Kingdom. The parameters of the nation's labor market are examined, with a focus on the factors that impact demand, supply, and other variables of flexibility. There is also much disagreement over the factors that shaped the nation's labour market. The research discusses the foundations of demand and supply in the labour market, as well as how they alter based on external factors. The course looks at the socio-economic behaviour of individuals, firms, and marketplaces. Its major purpose is to offer students a comprehensive grasp of various aspects of consumer behaviour and demand assessment, industrial theories and cost activities, traditional market theories, and firm stability in a modern non-profit optimizing paradigm.

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The curriculum also includes micro and macro diffusion models, associated disciplines, generalized stability in structured and unstructured environments, and the analysis of market behaviour in the presence of uncertainty. Demand is made up of two components, as per economic theory: preference and buying power. The ability to purchase implies that a person must have adequate income or wage to obtain an item at a given price. Because the complexity and intensity of argument differ at these two levels, this course was designed for postgraduate students. Because business economics is so fundamental to an organization's overall success, the master's level program design will be critical in nature. As a result, the purpose of this course is to provide students with a specific explanation of how business economics varies from other types of economic activity in a firm and how its detections must be taken into account for its efficacy.

Unit Details

This course has been methodically designed to expose students to both academic principles and the actual application of macro and microeconomics in business organizations in comparable quantities. The market analysis will include critical aspects such as a business overview and the industry in which the organization operates. It will also place a premium on examining the company's market dynamics. Furthermore, an evaluation of the supply and demand conditions for the final product(s) or business(s) will be offered, as well as a study of the demand flexibility for the completed good(s) or business(s) (s). The curriculum will contain an analysis of a current occurrence that has had (or is expected to have) a substantial impact on the industry/sector. The focus is mostly on aiding students in grasping the minute details of the business economics plan as well as honing their oral and written communication skills. The course module will primarily study the fundamental aspects of macroeconomics and microeconomics, with a focus on demand and supply in the Australian market, helping students to progressively understand the complete scope of business economics. The modules are designed so that students may experience the realms of oral and written communication, and they are divided into several sections for easy understanding. The course portions are methodically crafted to avoid students being frightened or unduly consumed with the topics, from addressing the principles and essential ideas of business economics to supporting students in creating a news report.

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The breadth of the actual implementation of the principles has also been the main priority on curriculum design, which is why there are so many pragmatic periods, tests, and Q&A sessions to help lighten up the regular monotony of degree courses.

Location:- University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Study Level:- Postgraduate or Master’s Degree

Unit Code:- SBLC4004 Economics for Business

Brief of SBLC4004 Economics for Business Assessment

As previously said, the course assessment may be broken into numerous units, each of which focuses on a certain topic, allowing the student to get a more in-depth grasp of the practical and theoretical implications of business economics. Demand and supply are the two most significant concepts in financial elements. The following supply and demand diagrams (conventional economics) imply a perfectly active business community, appropriate buyers, and unrestricted entry and exit from the market. Economists also note that all variables other than price that influence the number of goods sold and purchased have stayed consistent. Business experts say this is a mistake since changes in cost happen far faster than changes in other factors that affect demand or supply. Variations in demand, changes in the status of the economy, and long-term adjustments that limit output are only a few of the numerous components (for instance, the construction of a new industrial complex). It is the responsibility of the students to take part adequately in all work allocated to them, as well as to study all information available to them or needed to be obtained by them, to improve their chances of achieving training goals and surviving aware of course-related actions and record keeping. Participation in modern digital platforms and the provided Q&As are elements of the curriculum's organized learning aspect.

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Weightage of the SBLC4004 Economics for Business

SBLC4004 Economics for Business is a full-time degree course that will demand the students to secure more than 50% marks to enable them to pass the semester and qualify for the next semester. There are two evaluations, each with a 50% weightage, for permitting students to qualify for the following semester. It is genuinely necessary for them to acquire the fundamental pass scores that affirm them for the university's qualifying standards. This is a full-time course offered by the university that requires students to join lectures on a constant schedule and achieve a minimum percentage of scores to progress to the following term in each academic year.

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