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PUBH6004 Environmental Occupational Health course is carried out at George Washington University which is located in Washington, D.C. This is a bachelor’s level course which is why the students are mostly given a basic understanding of certain important concepts and frameworks. The students learn about a number of concepts and frameworks which are then used to make the understanding of the healthcare sector easier. The course mainly focuses on the different ways in which a number of factors play an active role in influencing environmental occupational health in general.

The students here get involved in a deeper understanding of the entire process of how the environment has to be taken into consideration while analyzing the health of the people working as professionals in any job profile. PUBH6004 assessment answers indulge the students into understanding the relationship that is shared by the increasing work stress in any organization and the health factor that is involved in the same. This course teaches the students about the changing dynamics that are culminating within society today where the work pressure in any workplace is intense and the first that happens to be compromised at this stage is the health of the people who are subjected to this kind of working environment.

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This course lays emphasis on the safety of the people and goes on to talk in detail about the ways in which a balance can be created between safety and the work of individuals. This program is focused on those individuals who are either already associated with the healthcare industry or are trying to maintain a good balance between the people working within an organization. The balance, in this case, would be with respect to health and the extremely dynamic and pressuring environment that these people are subjected to. The program is thus designed in such a way that it can be implemented not just on a larger scale but can easily be implemented by the people on an individual level.

The students in this case get to learn about a number of different strategies and concepts which can then be applied in order to draw proper conclusions and find solutions to the issues that could be presented before the students. In this case, the students will be taught not just about the theories and frameworks but they will also be taught about the different ways in which these theories, strategies, or frameworks could be applied. By the end of this course, the students will gain a clear understanding of the ways in which issues pertaining to environmental occupation can be solved. The students will also be able to analyze a number of environments based on the factors that affect the health of the employees.

Unit details of PUBH6004 Environmental Occupational Health

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code:- PUBH6004

Location:- The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Study level:- Bachelor’s level course.

Brief on PUBH6004 Environmental Occupational Health

There are mainly two types of assessment that are conducted within this course and the first assessment is mainly about the basic understanding of the concepts and theories that can be applied in order to draw solutions. PUBH6004 assignment answers  would typically include a number of questions asking the students to either directly state the principle, theories, and framework or derive solutions from the problem that is already mentioned. The second assessment is on the other hand more focused on ensuring the ability of the student to implement the necessary framework and even formulate different strategies.

This assessment is mostly based on the case studies where the company is provided and the basic information regarding the company is also shared with the students. The students are already told the role that they need to play in the given situation. A number of guidelines are also clearly stated and then the students are mainly supposed to apply the knowledge that is gathered by them throughout the course. They have to implement different frameworks and theories to derive solutions to the issue at hand or to create a strategy.

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The students in their assessment are also asked to formulate a strategy to strike a balance between the organization’s environment and the healthcare system for an organization which would help the organization to get an upper hand over their competitors in holding their staff. In order to do the same, the student has to be able to identify the issue and also identify the best framework before applying them to any given situation. The students in this case also have to provide justification for choosing any strategy and simply stating a strategy is not enough. PUBH6004 task solutions ensure that the teachers get a clear and strong understanding of the students and their areas of success or weakness.

Weightage of this PUBH6004 Course Code in The Semester

The course PUBH6004 Environmental Occupational Health is an integral part of this semester and holds ten percent of the total credit score and the reason for the same is the increase in demand for people who can help a different organizations in allowing their employees with a work-life balance. The students in this case have an upper hand over the other people who could be looking for opportunities in different companies. This semester is mainly focused on helping the students in becoming effective managers and this course adds to the same.

The course mainly allows the students in being able to manage the people in such a way that it can help in increasing the productivity of the people indirectly as their health would be constantly kept under check despite the increased pressure. This course will thus open a number of opportunities for the students who could easily apply for different administration positions and even the positions of being in a better place within the hierarchy in case the students are already working with any organization. Thus, this course does help the students in getting better within their professional field and they can use this knowledge on an individual level as well.

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