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102046 Assessment answers are Child development considered to be an entire process by which a child changes over time. Starting from the period of conceiving a baby to an individual growing into an adult, child development is considered to be one of the most important phases of a person's lifetime. This journey from full dependence to complete independence. Child development is regarded as a process that includes physical growth, social development, psychological development, language and emotional development, and more. There are numerous phases in the development of a child. Each phase is equally important for ensuring a good future for a child. Each child grows at their own pace. Each one of them is different from the other. There are various milestones in a child's development phase.

After completion of the 102046 assessment solution, the students shall be able to learn the ways in which the child development phase works. They shall learn the importance of every phase and factor in a child's life. This assessment is to test the abilities of the students regarding their knowledge and understanding of the topic of the research or the assessment.

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Study Level: Bachelors

Location: United Kingdom

Unit code: 102046

Brief on 102046 the Developing Child Assessment

102046 Assignment answers are considered to be an entire process by which a child changes over time. There are numerous factors that affect the development phase of a child. The first and foremost one is nutrition. It is not the intellectual or mental development of the child which affects the entire process of development of a child. One of the most important parts of child development is maternal nutrition. Inadequate intake of nutrition causes hindrance in the process of development of a child. This is inclusive of the fact that the absence of the macro and micro deficiencies often causes issues in the development of a child's health. This can affect the entire growth and development of a child. These are essential for inducing the normal growth and development of a child to an adult.

If these are absent, then the chances of anemia in children are high. The majority of the children grown in developing countries suffer a deficit of iron in their blood, due to the absence of suitable nutrition. Often malnutrition in the mothers also results in the loss of the baby or even the birth of a malnutrition child. This affects and hiders the growth and development of the child in the future. Parental behavior in the times of pregnancy often causes issues in the child's development as well. "Smoking is injurious to health"- this is one of the most common terms which one comes across in the course of time. However, smoking during pregnancy or exposure to environmental tobacco smoking is lethal.

It not only affects the mother but also the fetus which is present within the same. The child can grow with deformity and immunological disorders. There are adverse effects of alcohol consumption as well. this can cause disabilities in the children that are capable of affecting the livelihood of the individual in the future. Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) may affect the child even in the future. Lastly, it is the care and concern of a parent which makes the child develop a successful process overall. All these factors not only affect the growth and development of the child but also lead to the loss of their ability to learn and catch up with the world in the future.

Early child development is one of the most important aspects of a child's life. It helps in setting the foundations of the lives of the children. It is important to make sure that the children learn the right thing right at the beginning of their lives. Moral values and ethics can be incorporated within them right from the starting of their lives. This is the time when they are in their purest forms and shall understand the difference between right and wrong in the future.

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Here are some of the questions that the students should answer for ensuring successful completion of their coursework.

  1. What are the steps that shall be taken up for ensuring the right mental and physical development of a child?
  2. What is the role of parents in helping a child grow properly with all better learning and understanding of their environment and nature?
  3. How can education enhance child growth and development?

Weightage of 102046 the Developing Child Assessment

The overall weightage for the assessment is 50 marks. Each student has to answer each of the questions to ensure that they have completed the coursework. The answers should demonstrate the understanding of the subject and should be provided in detail. The marks shall be provided for the correct structuring of the sentences, proper usage of grammar, right choices of words, and usage of professional languages.

Students should lay emphasis upon the usage of references. Referencing is an integral part of the assessment and a part of marking depends upon the right number of references that have been provided in the assessment. The students are expected to perform their research and any part of the research which has been used for answering the question should be referenced using the APA Referencing style.

Formal of the assignment should be maintained as well. The assignment should be properly structured, introduction, conclusion, and appropriate headings should be used. The assignment should be aligned in 'justified' format and Arial Font 11 should be used for maintaining the formal appearance and better reading of the assessment.

Plagiarism is another most important part of the assessment. The students should make sure that the solutions that they are providing are free of plagiarism. Direct quotes should be avoided as much as possible. If used, proper referencing of the websites or the journal or article shall be done. The solutions should be checked via TURN IT IN. The percentage of plagiarism should not exceed 9 %.

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The work should be submitted to the online portal before the assigned deadline. Any further details should be addressed to the university or the concerned faculty.

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