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In this current era of digitalization and technological advancement storing data in the cloud is one of the effective ways to ensure fewer data storage systems. People can easily access those data from any device or system as that data is stored in a cloud version. Thus this module is focusing on the issues related to cloud computing because with the up-gradation of technology the issues due to cybercriminals and attackers in terms of data theft are also increasing day by day.

Therefore before understanding the issues related to cyber security this module cannot let the post-graduate students know about the privacy and security concerns towards cloud computing. In business, context understanding the privacy and security concepts are necessary, and therefore considering that the course will also discuss governance framework that must define and underpin the process for identifying or determining risks, security, and privacy issues for an organization that uses a cloud system.

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The course has been associated with the Charles Stuart University and the module will also examine the business and legal requirements for the privacy of cloud systems. The course will also ensure the needs and importance of risks assessment of data used in cloud operation and will also let the students know about different security measurements and controls related to managing those risks. In addition to that, it will also discuss or examine the major deployment of cloud and models for delivery to determine how these can affect the risks assessment and security control where cloud system is applied to any business.  

Unit details:-

Location:- Australia

Study level:- Post-graduate Level

Unit code:- ITC568

Brief of ITC568 Cloud Privacy and Security Assessment:

Now before going into the depth of giving solutions of data security and privacy, the module will be stated the challenges that cloud computing is facing in terms of business context and those issues are as follows:

  • Issues of Data Confidentiality: for every business organization that is dealing with a vast number of consumers is important to ensure the confidentiality of consumers’ data. Therefore while outsourcing the data of consumers to cloud service providers is becomes an important consideration for the safety of that sensitive information. The cloud service provider needs to ensure that the data of consumers should not reach to users without proper authorization of accessing that and that is why security issues come into consideration. The cyber attackers or criminals are using different methods and techniques to get access by accessing to different control regulations and policies without letting the providers know. Therefore the lack of trust between the providers and users are impact cloud computing and that is one of the major security concerns for people who are willing to adopt cloud services.
  • Issues of Data Losses: in terms of data theft that is another most considered issue of cloud computing that the cloud providers are facing. It is quite obvious that if users found that in their cloud storage, their data are getting theft due to certain reasons, then people will aware and become more sensible in terms of adopting cloud storage services. The reason behind data loss is the cyber attackers who inject different malware activities and functions which ensure access. Sometimes due to high security, they cannot get access of those data but with an injection of virus impacted on the data where users cannot use those data for any other purposes. Therefore trust of consumers becomes difficult for the services provided due to data loss or theft.
  • Managerial Issues: this is another biggest concern in terms of cloud computing where it has been found that lack of control, privacy, and security management for virtualization, service level agreement, and many other things is increasing the cloud storage vulnerabilities. Therefore the technical aspects are not only increasing the challenges of cloud computing, rather the managerial and non-technical aspects in terms of managing data and cloud services are also increasing the chances of cloud vulnerabilities.

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Now after discussing the issues, it needs to identify security measurements and those security control methods and tools are going to discuss as follows:

  • User Encryption: this is one of the best methods to ensure the security of information where based on the process of encryption, business or consumer data can be translated into secret code. Thus based on encryption, it keeps the sensitive information remains uncompromised where without the code of encryption an individual cannot understand or decrypt the data or information and that is how cloud systems can ensure the security of sensitive data. The cloud providers can also use different layers of encryption so that even if cyber attackers cracked on code, they might face lots of difficulties to crack others.
  • Using Anti-virus software: often it has been found that based on cracking the user’s system or devices the cyber attackers use to get access to the cloud storage. Thus in order to get rid of that, users can use different sorts of antivirus software so that cyber attackers cannot get access to the system by using any other process, whenever they will try to inject any method, they will be blocked by those anti-viruses.
  • Understanding the cloud working process: it can be seen that users often get confused about the usability of cloud storage in terms of storing data. Thus before incorporating to any providers, users need to have proper knowledge about the working of a cloud storage system and that is how they can get rid of theft or other kinds of security issues.

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What is the Weightage of ITC568 Cloud Privacy and Security in Their Semester?

The module has broadly discussed different kinds of issues related to cloud storage and after understanding the issues it has been showcased about solution methods. It is quite important for students to understand the implication of cloud storage and what are the consequences that they can have after the incorporation. So both on the positive and negative sides knowing about the depth is necessary.

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