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RMET6053 Research methods are about research as well as research methods. It will outline every fundamental of carrying out research aimed mainly but not exclusively at the postgraduate level. It places the experience of the students at the core of the endeavors through engaging the learners in a range of robust as well as challenging discussions and exercises. The course will attract the ones who need an understanding of the approaches and skills of researches and most significantly, an ability to deploy them in their studies or in their professional lives. Particularly, this course will help the ones who have to carry out research as a part of their postgraduate studies but they do not have the access to the courses of research methods or for the ones who the students feel they would like extra support for self-improvement. No prior knowledge or research experience is needed for taking up this course.

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The purpose of conducting any research is:

  • Identifying the potential and new customers
  • Understanding the present customers
  • Setting pragmatic goals
  • Establishing productive strategies of market
  • Addressing the challenges of business
  • Putting together a plan of expansion of business
  • Identifying new opportunities for business

Good research follows an approach that is systematic for capturing accurate data. The researchers need to practice ethics along with a code of conduct while making observations or drawing any conclusion. The analysis is based on logical reasoning and also comprises inductive and deductive methods. Real-time data, as well as knowledge, is derived from the actual observations in natural settings. There is a detailed analysis of all the gathered data so that there are no abnormalities that are associated with it.

Research is the careful consideration of study with respect to a specific concern or issue using some scientific methods. It is a systematic inquiry for describing, explaining, predicting as well as controlling the observed phenomenon. It comprises inductive as well as deductive methods. The inductive research method examines an observed event, while on the other hand; deductive methods verify the observed event. The association of the inductive approaches is done with qualitative research and the deductive methods are more commonly associated with the quantitative analysis. The subject of management research methodology is very challenging as well as complicated. Any practitioner or student of management research is beguiled by uncertainties in the identification as well as a search of the research problems, intrigued through the ramifications of the research design as well as cofounded by the obstacles in getting proper data and applications of the analysis of data.

For which university this course code is associated?

The code is associated with the Greenwich School of management.

Unit details

Location- Australia

Study level- Postgraduate

Unit code- RMET6053

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Brief of RMET6053 Research methods assessment

In this course, the participants will be provided a general overview of the analysis of business along with the process as well as standards of project management, then delve into the depth of the way in which the requirements of the business planning as well as management fit into these process and how specific tools and techniques are applied for the success of a project. One of the most important and effective methods of delivering products or services in the constraint of scope cost as well as the schedule is project management. in the management of projects, the roles of the business analysts has increased in significance over time due to the complications of the integration of the new technologies as well as new processes in dynamics as well as the ever-changing environment of business. The business analysis complements the function of project management as well as concentrates on explain as well as validating a strategic solution for meeting the goals as well as needs.

Learner outcomes:

  • describe the significance of the approach of business analysis
  • identify stakeholders and stakeholder engagement
  • identify business analysis governance
  • explaining the process of project management
  • Plan business analysis information management
  • identify business analysis enhancement of performance
  • explain the state of future
  • examining the risk in project management
  • explaining the strategy of change
  • explain behavioral characteristics
  • explaining business knowledge
  • explaining market analysis as well as benchmarking
  • explaining the business rules analysis
  • The main aim of the assessment is to introduce research students to a scientific approach to studying management, marketing as well as internal business problems. The main focus is on equipping the students with the fundamental skills as well as knowledge for undertaking qualitative as well as quantitative research and to critically examine the research which is conducted through others. The division of the course has been done into four interrelated segments- formulation/conceptualization of the problem, implantation, analysis as well as publication, and communication of the findings of the research. Emphasis will be given to the use of computers in the analysis of data. At the end of the assessment, students can expect to have gained an appreciation of the process of research as a craft and also as a methodology. It is expected from the students that they will show the needed skills- identification of the needs as requirements of the firm along with the capabilities of the information technology relevant to the production as well as the design of documents, development of the standards of documentation for meeting the requirements of the organization, designing, amending as well as testing the templates of the documents, establishing as well as implementing training as well as documentation for supporting the use of standard templates as well as macros and checking the implementation of the standard documentation templates as well as macros and make improvements in line with the requirements of the organization.

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Weightage of RMET6053 Research methods in the semester

Assessment Task


Individual assessment


Group assessment


End of semester test


This unit is graded. The overall grade will be calculated through the grades or the marks for each assessment task, on the basis of the relative weightings displayed in the above table. The students must score an overall mark for the unit of at least 50% or an overall grade of “pass” for passing the unit.

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