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The 11217 Contemporary Issues in Accounting course are mainly taught in Global Business College of Australia, where both the bachelor degree and master's degree have the course available in their curriculum. In addition, the course material is mainly provided for a bachelor's degree of commerce (accounting), which can allow the student to improve their understanding of the issues that are present in the current accounting system. In addition, the aim of this course is to produce business professionals who are equipped to solve problems in a multi-disciplinary business environment.

The students will mainly learn about the solid base of understanding across commerce, which is essential in a wide range of careers. Furthermore, a complete series of carefully integrated units in financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, and finance is conducted so that the students could improve their current understanding of the issues in contemporary accounting. This flexible and versatile degree allows the students to tailor the 11217 assignment answersaccording to their personal interests, where the graduate as an impressive accounting professional with a solid background in commerce are qualified to undertake study programs in Australia.

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The academic requirements of the course are satisfactory completion of Australian Year 12, equivalent, or higher. Or else having a completion certificate of an Australian training program (Certificate IV or above). Moreover, there is a different requirement for international students under the age of 18, as relevant guardianship and accommodation arrangements are required while providing all supporting evidence to UC Admission for approval.

There are relevant Career Opportunities provided in the course are depicted as follows.

  • Industry association analyst
  • International insurance adviser
  • International business development manager
  • International finance manager
  • Business intelligence manager
  • International trade administrator
  • Strategic planning manager
  • Foreign affairs officer
  • International investment analyst
  • Global account manager
  • Import/export specialist
  • International management consultant
  • Trade and international economics officer
  • International business consultant
  • Government policy adviser (international)
  • International trade coordinator

Unit details of 11217 Contemporary Issues in Accounting

Unit details of this course include the following:

Location:- Melbourne, Australia.

Study level:- Bachelor's and Master's degrees,

Unit code:- MGB104

Thus, the overall unit details regarding the Contemporary Issues in Accounting are provided in the college, where the course is a part of a wider master's degree, which the student chooses in pursuit of completing their master's in accounting.

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Brief on 11217 Contemporary Issues in Accounting

Melbourne City Campus Pathways provide alternative entry options for getting into your dream course at UC. Completion of a GBCA diploma provides up to one year of credit and guaranteed entry to Bachelor of Business (subject to availability and meeting academic criteria). 11217 assessment answers will also prepare students with assignment writing, analytical reading, listening and note-taking skills to help them succeed in the future university learning environment. Students will acquire work-ready skills through participating in active learning activities including analyzing business cases, writing business reports, debating, negotiating, and presenting ideas. Our pathways are designed to suit all types of students, even for students who have just finished secondary school. GBCA's Diploma of Business is a one-year, full-time program specifically designed for students who would benefit from a supported entry to tertiary study.

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Thus, the course offers Work Integrated Learning is a vital component of the UC Master of Professional Accounting journey, as it allows students to gain extensive practical experience working on real-world research projects. Moreover, case studies, and industry briefs, all while working alongside highly skilled and experienced industry mentors are provided in the course. In this highly focused, engaging and nurtured learning environment, UC students will be encouraged to develop work-ready technical accountancy skills and build their professional networks – thus building their confidence using a range of industry accounting packages, and ensuring graduates enter the workforce with a robust industry-based professional set connection already established.

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Weightage of this 11217 Course Code in Their Semester

The 11217 Contemporary Issues in Accounting could have a small weight of 240 points for the overall course in the master's degree. The UC Master of Professional Accounting course is a globally recognised and respected qualification that will expose graduates to a wide range of industries and numerous job opportunities all over the world including, but not limited to.

Hence, the course help in increasing the chances of career opportunities such as Chief financial officer, Tax manager, Finance director, Cost account manager, senior financial analyst, Compliance manager, Accounting manager, Forensic accountant, Personal finance advisor, Entertainment production accountant, Auditor and Budget analyst.

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