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101573 Human Rights Peace and Development course are the basic rights that each and every individual possesses only because being a human being living in any corner of the globe. Basic human rights do not differ in race, color, economic position, or any other thing. Basic human rights are available to each human being irrespective of their race, color, physical challenges, or economic background.

As a human being who exists in society, contributes towards society and brings positive changes to society is sufficient to use and enjoy the basics of human rights in any corner of the globe. Further, human rights are not granted by any state, authority, or culture. Human rights are equally applicable to all human beings living in corner of the globe. Human rights are the basic rights and these universal human rights principles are inherent to us all equally at every stage of life.

Today's world is divided among various societies, regions, and countries. Maintaining peace and harmony among these different cultures, societies or countries often becomes very problematic. A situation may occur where conflicts get started among societies, cultures, or countries. These conflicts often result in war amongst countries. War can result in loss of human life, loss of financial wealth, and the countries which get indulged in a war may see disastrous outcomes after the war. Human rights get hugely violated in wars. Further, these wars or conflicts disturb the peace and development of the countries doing war against each other including the entire world.

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Unit Details of 101573 Human Rights Peace and Development

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code - 101573

Location - Western Sydney University, Australia

Study level – Under Graduate

Brief on 101573 Human Rights Peace and Development

Human rights are the first and primary protection that every individual has in life over any potential wrongs that may happen to the individual. Human rights work as a protection for weak people who are not sufficiently able to protect their rights due to any reason of physical challenges, economic challenges, or any other reason. Human rights are  standards that recognize and protect the dignity of all human beings.

Human rights govern how individuals living in a society with each other should behave to each other including the responsibilities every human being has towards others living in the same society. Human rights are not given by any state or authority though it is the responsibility of the state or the society to maintain the human rights equal and effective to all the sections of the society at all times. The state should consider its human rights responsibilities with the highest care and caution. As injustice to any individual is not acceptable and ethically correct under the sight of the human rights standards.

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The standards of human rights are a certain set of norms that exist to protect each and every individual in any location from several political agendas, illegitimate acts in the shed of legality, and restrain from social abuses. The examples of human rights can be the right to freedom of religion in which each and every individual is allowed to practice their own religion and nobody will be discriminated against for the religion they practice. The human rights standards also cover the right of an individual to get a fair trial and justice even when charged with a crime. The person who gets charged with crimes should not get physical abuse or torture the human rights shield will protect the person from getting tortured by the judiciary or the legal arrangements applicable in the society.  The basic right under human right standards is the right to education for every individual.

Human rights standards should be maintained in any society with the highest care. The violation of human rights obligations by a state should be compensated and corrected on immediate basis. Human rights are basic rights that belong to all individuals simply because we are human. The embodied key values in any society such as fairness in all aspects of social interactions, dignity in all activities conducted in society, equality to all the people living in the society, and respect to every individual irrespective of their color, race, or economic background. Human rights are an important means of protection for every individual, especially for those who may face social or political abuse, neglect and isolation in the society by society.

With appropriate application of the human rights norms, peace and harmony can be maintained in a society. With peace and harmony, the development will automatically flow towards society in the long run. Hence, these three aspects of social and human interaction are interred connected. A society without having proper human rights standards applicable in it can get peace and without peace, the development will not flow to the society. Wars or disturbances in a country or society will disturb the human rights standards applicable in it. The disturbance in the human rights standards will negatively impact the peace of the society and as a consequence of the disturbance in the society, all the accumulated social advantages accumulated in the society will become zero.

Development and peace are complementary in nature. No development can be made without having peace in society. Peace, in the long run, accumulates development in-country or society. In the actual sense, peace, harmony, and development are complementary to each other. Peace means the absence of violence or other disturbances within a state or country or region. Whereas development is a result of a peaceful environment existing in the long run in any country or society.

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