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The 102086 designing teaching and learning code is based on the discussion of different forms of teaching and learning methods that have an impact on the development of future students. The code provides the scope and the opportunity for the students to evaluate the interrelationship between different forms of key teaching and learning concepts. This particular concept includes professionalism, pedagogy, and assessment of effective designs. The design includes the aspects of curriculum, assessment, and pedagogy in an efficient and organized manner.

The 102086 assessment answers present the opportunity to the students to engage with different forms of educational research that can act as a source of best practice for the particular profession. In this particular unit, the students will be exploring a number of different ranges of contemporary issues that have a clear impact on the development of adolescent learning in the 21st century. Apart from this, a clear understanding of the ways to address the following issues is something that has been addressed through the contents of the code. Such a process helps the students to develop and re-design a proper process of teaching and learning that can be important for professional career growth.

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The drastic changes that will happen in the future will surely re-develop and re-conceptualize compulsory schooling. Apart from such a process special attention will also be provided to the teachers involved in secondary education. This attention will help the teachers to provide professional assistance to the students to develop new ideas, think innovative, and implement new ways of working. Such a process also involves the implementation of new technologies and tools that can be beneficial for the students. The implementation and use of such tools and technology provide the opportunity to the students to learn new techniques and develop constructive ideas which can help them counter different adversaries and challenges in their professional lives.

102086 assignment answers provide the idea about the importance of the development of the necessary capacity to the students to deliver and develop the best of abilities to engage in different problem-solving skills that can be important for success. 102086 task answers code allow the scope and opportunity to the students to collect the necessary evidence in an e-portfolio. The teachers especially the teachers involved in providing secondary education need to abide by the different rules and regulations of Australian Professional authorities.

Unit details of 102086 Designing Teaching and Learning

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code: 102086

Location: Australia

Study Level: Graduate

Brief on 102086 Designing Teaching and Learning

The code aims to evaluate the interrelationship between key teaching and learning concepts and provide the base for undertaking the M-Teach program. The professional course offered by Western Sydney University thus attempts to analyze the different forms of current teaching methodologies and compare the process with the main learning needs of the students enrolled in the particular course (102086 designing teaching and learning code). Some of the major courses that the 102086 designing teaching and learning code offers to the students include the likes of:



· Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)

· Continuing

· Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)

· Current

· Bachelor of Arts (Secondary)

· Continuing

· Bachelor of Arts (Secondary)

· Current

· Graduate Certificate in Educational studies

· Current

· Bachelor of Arts (Pathway of teaching secondary)

· Continuing

· Diploma in design

· Current


Established in the year 1989, Western Sydney University is one of the largest and most reputed universities in Australia. The University is prominent in the western part of the Australian continent as it has a large number of premises across Perth and Sydney. The university which has its headquarters in Sydney is one of the largest in terms of student capacity as currently, it has an official tally of no less than 50,000 registered students. Currently, it is ranked 18th in Australia and according to a recent survey involving world universities, it stands among the top 300 in the globe.

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The diversity and organized structure of the management allows a large number of foreign students to enroll in different programs and courses offered by the educational institution. The large number and different varieties in the courses offered by the university are of great significance. Such diversity allows a large number of students to enroll in the courses. Some of the major subjects that are offered by the university to the students are as follows;

  • Arts courses based on different art subjects
  • Nursing courses and health-related courses
  • Business courses and courses related to management studies
  • Law courses and courses on professional standards
  • Courses related to medicine and health
  • Education-based courses
  • Criminology and policing courses
  • Engineering and environment courses
  • Psychology based courses

The university management can provide all the necessary support to the students on enrollment of any form of courses. Special online support and customized online classes make it easier for the students to gain good grades and develop their professional careers in a much better manner. The location and other details are provided below;

Weightage of this 102086 Course Code in their Semester

The weightage of the course code 102086 designing teaching and learning have been presented below in the table:



1st term


2nd term


3rd term


Discipline, Punctuality





It is important for the students to follow ethical practices while undertaking the assignments of the particular code (102086 designing teaching and learning code). Any form of unethical practices like plagiarism or Para-phrasing will not be tolerated and appropriate action according to the institutional guidelines will be undertaken against the student.

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