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PACC6009 Business Law provides students with the essential legal framework for informing professional practice in accounting and associated professions. This course covers the major topics developed under contract law, including the law of acceptance and offer, breach of contract, consideration, remedy for contract law, and breach of contract in regards to the sale of goods.

The University of Newcastle designs this course to offer an innovative legal education that combines experimental learning which is focused internationally and interdisciplinary.  The University has the highest level of graduate law within the country, a world-class legal research program, and excellent teaching staff.

PACC6009  task answers include consumer law, principal and agent, competition and consumer law, trust, property, consumer credit, and bankruptcy law. This course is specifically designed to provide an overview of the Australian legal system and provides general legal knowledge in regard to the discharge, creation, and operation of contracts. The course enables students with diverse career prospects in a wide range of employment settings.

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Unit details of PACC6009 Business Law

Unit details of this course include the following:

Location: The University of Newcastle, Australia

Study level: Postgraduate or Master's degree

Unit code: PACC6009

The unit is specifically designed to integrate elements of practical skills into the course. Therefore, students and employers alike can be confident that every graduate has been taught and evaluated on every skill that has a long list of relevant attributes and skills with the current legal practitioners. The focus is placed on integrating the theoretical and practical underpinnings with regard to business law. several topics will be covered in this course, but are not limited to those subjects.

PACC6009  assessment answers familiarize students with the legal and political system of Australia, looking at the functions and roles of the legislature, the judiciary, and the executive, including the legislative powers of these bodies, the reception of English laws into Australia, and the creation of the Australian Commonwealth. Throughout the course, students will be able to understand the theoretical and practical underpinnings of Property law, Agency law, Consumer credit, Bankruptcy law, and laws relating to ways of conducting a business.

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Brief on PACC6009 Business Law

The students will be assessed through the summative and formative assessments in the unit. This assessment ensures that all students are effectively assessed based on their performance during the course. Each assessment task will be designed for this unit to strengthen and expand knowledge and competencies in the set and particular parameters in keeping with set performance criteria and learning outcomes, including the setting of the work-based practical application tasks designed to give evidence of competence outcomes within the scheduled and periodic deadlines.

For all assessment work, students must apply critical thinking, complex problem solving, analytical, and assessment skills in the execution of advanced technical and theoretical knowledge in the context of business law and related practice.

For these assessments, students require to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the course to be able to give a critical assessment. The assessment consists of In-Class Exam, In-Class quizzes, Written Assignment in terms of Mid-semester assignments, and formal examination in terms of the final exam. For such assessments, students will be able to distinguish between different study designs, such as mixed, experimental, and observation method designs. Additionally, students need to interpret data from research and observational studies, including ratios and rates.

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 Weightage of this PACC6009 Course Code in Semester

PACC6009 Business Law is a full-time degree course where students must maintain regular attendance and attend the given lectures. Students must obtain a certain grade or minimum grade on this assessment item. To graduate or excel in these subjects, students must achieve a minimum of 50% of the total grades in the unit. Various assessment tasks will assess students' comprehension and skills for this unit. A "pass" grade is given only when a student will meet all the assessment requirements in this unit. Students must score up to 50% of the points in the program for prior study with credit.

If a student fails to provide the required skills, a grade will be provided to students in the criteria which will be presented as 'FF' in the official transcript. Students have three efforts for assessment tasks to obtain a satisfactory result (100% pass mark). Additionally, while students who have scored at least 25% in this unit, the compulsory assessment item will be allowed to participate in the next semester to score more than 50% of the possible grade during this course.

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