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11368 Cloud Architecture in Business is a course that is taught at the University of Canberra. This University is among the top two percent of universities in the world and offers courses ranging from undergraduate and postgraduate disciplines to diploma courses. It is located in Bruce ACT 2617, Australia. This course is delivered on-campus at UC- Canberra, Bruce. It carries 3 credit points and is a course under the Faculty of Science and Technology. The course falls under the discipline of Technology and is classified as study level 3 under the Undergraduate advanced unit.

The course, Cloud Architecture is a field of study that focuses primarily on the design of architectural solutions for cloud computing-based environments, which are inherently distributed and service-based. Among others, cloud computing-based solutions consider connectivity, bandwidth constraints, latency, and other quality attributes such as performance, and availability.

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The unit aims to focus on the practices and technologies that are required to architect and deploy secure and robust applications on cloud-provisioned environments, with the aim of best leveraging the available cloud resources. Through 11368 task answers students will learn how to design architectures to achieve high scalability including auto-scaling, availability, decoupling, infrastructure automation, and web-scale storage.

Unit Details of 11368 Cloud Architecture in Business

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: 11368

Location: Bruce ACT 2617, Australia

Study level: Under-graduate/ Bachelor's

11368 assessment answers offer students the required knowledge and advanced professional skills that are needed to gain an understanding of cloud computing. To enroll in this course, students must possess prior knowledge of basic network engineering, basic security, and support in IT. The main pillars of Cloud Computing Architecture which include security, performance efficiency, reliability, and cost optimization will be discussed thoroughly in this course.

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The ultimate aim of this course is to ensure that students are able to design cloud-based solutions by using appropriate architectural design principles. In this course, students will gain hands-on experience of using computing, storage, networking, and database services that are provided by some of the top cloud providers of the world, as well as hands-on experience with the management and deployment of cloud services. This unit may be co-taught with the 11527 Cloud Computing PG course.

Brief on 11368 Cloud Architecture in Business

The unit 11368 Cloud Architecture in Business will be assessed by various assessment tasks which include take-home assignments, mid-term assessments, quizzes, and AWS participation. Each assessment item will be given a grade and an associated percentage mark. The marks will then be added to produce an overall coursework mark. The take-home assignments will carry 50% of the total weightage, mid-term assessments will carry 20% of the total marks, quizzes including continuous assessment will be graded out of a total of 10% of the total marks followed by AWS participation that will carry 20% of the total marks.

Students who will enroll in a unit that is of a year-long duration and which comprises part A and part B unit code will be allocated a continuing grade (CNTYL) after their completion of part A. Once the student completed part B then the grade for part A will be updated such that the grades for the two-unit codes are the same.

To pass successfully, students will be required to obtain at least 50% of the overall marks and either obtain at least 50% marks in the term assignment or at least 40% in the take-home assignment and at least 50% marks in all the other assessments items combined. Satisfying only one of the above-mentioned criteria will not be enough for students to pass the unit.

After obtaining the minimum grades required to pass the unit, higher grades will be awarded on the basis of the highest category shown below which includes an HD grade if the final mark is between 85- 100, a DI grade if a final mark is between 75- 85, a CR grade if the final mark is between 65- 75, a P grade if the final mark is between 50- 65. Final marks less than 50 will result in an F grade indicating failure in the unit.

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Weightage of this 11368 Cloud Architecture in Business Course Code in their semester

This 11368 Cloud Architecture in Business Course Code is of extremely high weightage in their semester. This course ensures that after completion the student/ learner will be able to demonstrate essential knowledge that is required of Cloud Architecture in Business.

After successful completion of the course, students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of cloud computing architectural principles and constraints, understanding of the best practices of cloud computing architecture, be able to design cloud-based solutions by using appropriate architectural design principles and best practices to adequately address the needs and requirements of the customer and deliver quality cloud-based solutions,  design architectures to achieve high availability, scalability, infrastructure automation, decoupling, and web-scale storage and design architectures based on the main pillars of Cloud Computing which include reliability, security, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

Students will demonstrate skills such as improved ability to communicate, analyze and inquire, ability to solve problems and work in an independent manner with others, show virtues of professionalism and be socially responsible. Students will also demonstrate knowledge of relevant skills and knowledge, use critical thinking, creativity, and research skills to solve real- world and theoretical problems, work collaboratively as a team, resolve conflicts and negotiate, and display drive and initiative to display organizational skills to manage and plan the workload. Lastly, students will also adopt an informed and balanced approach across international and professional boundaries in their profession.

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