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What is a CDR?

Full form of CDR is Competency Demonstration Report and is considered to be a document with the help of which engineers get a visa for skilled migration for Australia which helps in proving their competencies. In other words, it should be noted that CDR is considered to be technical report which helps in evaluating the education as well as competency level of the engineers in overseas. Engineers in Australia are requested to write a CDR that will help in demonstrating their communication skills to the assessor. As it has been stated by the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet, when there is presence of poorly written CDR which is submitted to the EA, then the chances of the Engineers of settling down in Australia is significantly reduced. It is essential to note that CDR Report services is a service organization for Engineers Australia, who helps in offering assistance in preparing CDR for interested individuals. You may also use our expert writers' Assignment Help to earn an A+ on your projects.

Components of CDR Report

There are some essential components which needs to be included while writing a CDR report and they are as follows-

Career Episode Report

This part is quite lengthy where candidates need to show their competencies for their category of Engineering for which they have applied and the section needs to be written in English where technical details does not need to be included. There are four categories listed by the EA for Skilled migration and they are-

  • Professional Engineers
  • Engineering Technologies
  • Engineering Associates
  • Engineering Managers

Summary Statement CDR Report

This section is the most complicated and essential one where you need to write statements about your three career episodes which provides cross references of paragraphs that has been written within every career episode. If you want Academic Assignment Help, please contact our specialists.

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Continual Professional Development CDR Report

This section is also known as CPD, where Engineers Australia require CPD for keeping themselves up-to-date with the developments that are being made in the field of engineering. CPD of engineers needs to be submitted by filling the CPD table. CPD needs to consists of the following information in the format mentioned below-

  • Title of Training
  • Training Date
  • Duration taken for Training
  • Training Venue

CDR Sample for Mechanical Engineer


Project Title: Application for Solar Toy car

Duration- 20xx to month 20xx

Organization- XYZ University

Position Title- Student (Mechanical Engineer)

Second Career episode of my CDR is based on the in-house project which I undertook during my graduation, where the project was submitted as part of my curriculum regarding Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering to my University. I made effective use of my technical skills while designing my solar car with the assistance of my two team mates who were design engineers and these activities were conducted in mechanical lab of the university. Students may also get Case Study Assignment Help to help them accomplish their case study projects on time.


CE2.2 The next project too was based on effective use of renewable energy therefore, I decided to come up with something related to solar energy. The solar energy would be collected from the solar panels on the surface of the car. Along with this there was infrared transmitter and receiver for smooth operations. My team members along with me know the importance of eco-friendly products and designs and therefore decided to devote our time to this project.

CE2.3 The solar car will help in mitigating the issue of energy crisis across the globe and the car would be designed with all the technical aspects that helps in combining solar power to electrical one which will power the car.

CE2.4 Standard work methodology has always been followed by me therefore I gave time in data research and collection that was linked to the structure and components of the car. Some reference books were found by me in my university library and other technical guidance was taken from the internet. Project management tool along with PERT chart was used by me to show separate success.

CE2.5 This was a team project where I was the leader and I made use of vertical communication by sharing all the work updates along with horizontal communication by sharing ideas and work strategy with my team members.

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CE2.6 List of Technical Duties

  • Technical Research Details was accumulated by me
  • Selected main components used in solar car from journals and surveys of literature
  • Made block diagrams to see how solar energy can be transformed to electrical energy
  • Prototype of solar car was tested in lab setting to evaluate parametric efficiency and output.
  • Required technical project was then documented in MS-Word where other technical activities were mentioned.

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Personal Engineering Activity

CE2.7 I tried to understand the principles of working of solar cell which could convert solar into electrical energy and thereby devices were made with the help of semi-conductors like silicon as well as gallium.

CE2.8 I realized the semiconductors are some basic elements of solar cells which thereby increased the efficiency of the solar cell. I learnt that solar energy can be transformed into electromagnetic radiations with different wavelengths which are made of both visible light along with invisible infrared rays. These radiations were then converted into electrical and then mechanical energy.

CE2.9 circuit diagrams were designed with subparts like RF remote control transmitter Encoder, RF Receiver Decoder Circuit used for motor devices and H-bridge motor device circuit. Hence, by following the designs of these diagrams I made a working prototype of solar toy care where I made use of readymade parts of sheet metals, wheels, brass collars, backets, wheels and axles.

CE2.10 I then placed the battery and mounted it on the PCB and plugged the connectors of the battery, established the circuits as per the diagrams and used a sheet of thermocole to make sure thar the battery is seated properly and balance in maintained. Receiver PCB too was mounted through the four holes and was secured by screws and then connectors from the battery was inserted.

CE2.11 Having completed both the sections I combined the design layouts to get the final prototype correct and after this my team decided to design a working model of the project. For this I conducted brainstorming sessions and details of the project were shared with the supervisor for his approval and he was satisfied with our work.

CE2.12 Problem Statement

I faced issue while designing a voltage controller design where there were two batteries. One battery would give supply to the motor and the second would be charged by solar panel and the voltage regulator would help me to select two batteries effectively.

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CE 2.13 The project was my 2nd successful submission where I was able to demonstrate my skills of mechanical engineering designing abilities and I was successful in meeting the expected outcome where my model was displayed during the college exhibition. My team working abilities were improved and issues were also discussed effectively. Though there were conflicts, I was competent in resolving those.

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