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Tips To Write CDR Career Episodes For Aspiring Global Engineering Managers

The explosive growth in the Australian economy has led to a significant expansion in various industries that require Engineering Managers with international experience. As a result, the Australian Government has cleared the path for Engineering Managers around the globe to work in the Australian industries with a Skilled Migration Visa. However, not everyone can get a visa; a candidate must get their engineering qualification certified by Engineers Australia through CDR – Competency Demonstration Report. A CDR is an amalgamation of several reports, including a Curriculum Vitae (CV), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE), and a Summary Statement. Discussed below are the ways CDR for Engineering Managers are developed as per the Engineers Australia standards.

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Tips To Improve Your CDR For Engineering Manager For Engineers Australia

You can take a look at the tips mentioned below to improve your CDR for Engineering Manager: Using Australian English Engineers Australia will test your capability to sustain in Australia apart from examining your skills as an Engineering Manager. Try to use Australian English in your writing. It is similar to the UK English

•    Avoid redundancy

The Engineers Australia examiner will read thousands of applications. To make your report stand avoid using redundant. Only describe your responsibilities, contributions, and job titles as an Engineering Manager in the CDR and steer away from discussing the explaining company's successes or industry ranking and so on.

• Never falsify your credentials

Try to stay true to the academic and professional credentials you mention in the Curriculum Vitae as an Engineering Manager. However, keep in mind that you will have to substantiate each qualification and experience with valid documents and evidence. If found guilty, Engineers Australia has the power to deter you from entering the country as a professional for your entire lifetime.

• Perform a factual analysis 

Try to be logical and factual with every word you pen down in the Engineering Manager CDR Summary Statement. Follow the format Engineers Australia has laid down to analyze every paragraph of the career episode relevant to the migration skill competency. Else, you may have to face the consequence of losing plenty of the analysis score.

• Engineering manager responsibilities

The qualifying work responsibilities in the CDR standard for the

Engineering Manager for Engineers Australia includes:

•    Administering and monitoring the terms, policies, plans, rules, and strategies of engineers
•    Offering advice and suggestions on the processes to accomplish a good and effective structure
•    Thoroughly explain the blueprints, drawings, and maps
•    Establishing the project schedules and controlling its budget
•    Taking responsibility for the total cost, quality, safety measures, punctuality, and performance of the Engineering plan
•    Finalising and agreeing to the specifications and regulations of a plan
•    Keeping a record of the maintenance needs to avoid obstacles in the flow of work. 

CDR For Engineering Manager For Engineers Australia – Word Limit 

• Curriculum Vitae (CV)

You must write it following the professional template for resume writing. The word range depends on your academic and professional qualifications.

• Continuous Development Project (CDP)

This section of CDR must depict your Engineering Manager skills and knowledge for Engineers Australia with approximately 300 words.

• Career Episode 1 

Project 1 says "Controls of Projects and Plans at Damavand Combined Cycle Power Plant" – 1780 words

• Career Episode 2 

Project 2 says "Cement Power Plant Project" – 2100 words

• Career Episode 3 

Project 3 says "Power Plant Development" – 1550 words

• Summary Statement 

A detailed explanation of all the elements of the projects – approximately 2010 words. You can take any kind of assignment help from the Assignment Experts of MyEssayAssignmentHelp.

Career Episode 1 for CDR For Engineering Manager For Engineers Australia

Discussed below is the hypothetical CDR sample Career Episode 1 of Engineering Manager for Engineers Australia
Title of the project: Controls of Projects and Plans at Damavand Combined Cycle Power Plant
In the first episode sample, the author provides comprehensive detail of the project titled - Controls of Projects and Plans at Damavand Combined Cycle Power Plant. He worked on the Issued For the Construction stage of the operation. His key responsibilities were:
•    Arranging meetings with the corresponding departments
•    Maintaining the project plan and its budget
•    Reporting the project progress to his seniors
•    Drafting materials and notes on the project progression and passing them out among the supervisors
•    Taking control of work schedule and flow to make use of resources and achieve targets
• Develop a project action plan to discuss the tasks that will take place in the future
•    Uploading the daily completion of work and project progression on the company's portal 

Career Episode 2 CDR For Engineering Manager For Engineers Australia

Discussed below is the imaginary CDR sample Career Episode 2 for Engineering Manager for Engineers Australia
Title of the project: Cement Power Plant Project
The author uses the second episode sample of CDR Career Episode 2 to discuss the responsibilities he undertook in the Cement Power Plant

The project lasted for a year. It included:
•    Examining the documents, projects, process flow diagram, and flowcharts
•    Reviewing the project operations of the organization
•    Removing the operational procedure hurdles
•    Analysing the project service environmental standards
•    Managing the project time and budget allocation
•    Overviewing the project progress and offering project suggestions
•    Developing routine and project workflow to provide resources for project optimization 

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Career episode 3 CDR For Engineering Manager For Engineers Australia

Explained below is the suppositional CDR sample Career Episode 3 for Engineering Manager for Engineers Australia Project title: Power Plant Development.

The author uses the third episode of CDR Career Episode 3 to emphasize his technical skills through the responsibilities and tasks he performed in the Power Plant Development project. It involved:
•    Using the classic mode of coding, work breakdown structure, and analysis to develop a project progress report
•    Designing project and work proposals
•    Improving planning schedule to report the progress status from inception to termination
•    Mapping a backup method of project completion in case of failure, obstacle, or risky situations
•    Searching for appropriate strategies and solutions to overcome roadblocks and delays

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