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The scope for the occupation of engineering is one of the vastest prospects. Almost everything that has been created in the world. So as a result of complex and intricate engineering. That being said, there are various type of engineers who specialise in different facets of engineering. One such type of engineers are aeronautical engineers. Aeronautical engineers are those who specialised and are specifically trained on the designing of aircraft. The main purpose and focus of such engineers is the careful designing of propulsion systems, mainly for aircrafts and the studying of different aerodynamic structures and the impact of the use of different materials in said structures. Being one of the most basic of engineering subjects, aeronautical engineers are highly in demand in multiple reputed and well known technology based organizations in Australia.  such engineers with a bachelor’s degree or higher are able to access their qualification and are people who operate using research, development, design, science, testing, construction and technology for the creation and optimisation of new and existing aircrafts.  For engineers who are looking for an opportunity for emolument in Australia, they must first have to furbish a CDR or Competency Demonstration Report. 

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In order for aeronautical engineers or any type pf engineer for that matter, to gain the change for employment in Australia, they must first present a CDR. A CDR is a type of document that verifies and demonstrates the knowledge and skill of the engineer in his field of study establishing that the capability of the engineer meets the standards set by Australia. this document is especially important for those aeronautical engineers who wish to migrate to Australia from their home country and gain employment and occupation as an aeronautical engineer.


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    The sample for the CDR for aeronautical engineers consist of different reports such as a curriculum vitae or CV of the engineer, continuing profession development or CPD, three career episodes of CE and also a summary statement. Each of these reports are crucial for a well formatted and complete CDR that showcases the ability and skill set of the aeronautical engineer who wishes to migrate to Australia. The Engineers Australia have well put team who are in charge of going through various CDRs of applicants and determine which applicant meet with the Australian standards and which do not.     
    The curriculum vitae is the resume of the aeronautical engineer. Also known as a resume, it contains all the personal information and details such as educational qualification, past experiences and character traits all in a professional and concise manners. This document can be seen as an extension of the engineer himself. 
    The Continuing Professional Development is a document which summaries the knowledge that the engineer possesses. It is a short and precise document, usually being on an average of 350 words, which summarises and clarifies the exactly extent and field of knowledge that the aeronautical engineer possess. This includes both educational knowledge and any practical knowledge that the engineer might have. This document serves as proof of the validity of the capability of the engineer in the field of discipline chosen by him. 
    In addition to the CV and the CPD, there engineer needs to provide three career Episodes. A career episode is a document that showcases the knowledge and skill of the engineer in a particular practical setting. Here the engineer must present instances where he or she have utilised their knowledge and have managed to contribute in a practical setting whether that be within the confines of the educational curriculum or an instance as official work experience. Although candidate’s usually offer three career episodes, there is no hard and fast rule that there must be only be 3 episodes. The career episodes can be seen as highlights of the performance ability of the engineer throughout his career, whether academic or professional that being said, the best and most impressive instances and projects should be mentioned in the respective Career Episodes. Each career episode should start off what he name and details of the project that the engineer has contributed in and /or worked on. Following that as much details as possible regarding the nature of the benefits, the reason and implied benefit for the project upon completion and the mean through which the engineer was able to apply his skill set into the development of a beneficial or positive progress in of the project needs to be elaborated.   
    The final document that is required for the CDR is a summary statement. This document is usually longer than the continuing professional development report but not as long as a Career Episode is nothing but a summation of all the competency elements that the engineer possesses. This ranges from the inherent talents, learnt skills, acquired knowledge and even future efforts for the expansion of aeronautical knowledge. This document severs as a personal statement for the reason why the engineering is fit for being selected for engineering migration into Australia. This documents also serves of as a check list of the qualities that their engineer possesses and whether or not he or she lives up to the Australian standards that have been set by the Engineers Australia or EA. 


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When applying for e engineering migration to Australia, regardless of where the aeronautical engineer is from, he or she is required to present a complete and articulate CDR. By following the above mentioned sample and template, any aspiring aeronautical engineer will be able to curate an impressive CDR which will become crucial in getting access for engineering migration to Australia. When assembling the required document for a CDR it help in understanding that the document are to be presented in front of a panel (EA) rather than some formalities that need to be done. This will ensure that the quality and integrity of the CDR and its comprising documents are properly maintained. As long as they content of the CDR are in order and are meeting the Australian standards set by EA, and the engineer has the revenant ability, engineering migration into Australia become a much simpler. 

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