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ENB218 Entrepreneurship in Business of Economic Growth

ENB218 Entrepreneurship in Business of Economic Growth is a type of course that teaches student about Entrepreneurship and different kinds of Business and how a student can accumulate the skills of learning in business skills and how it can be beneficial for the overall learning outcome that are associated with the course. This course will help a student to understand how to conduct a business from scratch and it will provide several interpretations of business skills that are required to understand in order to keep in terms with the economic growth of a country. Business and Entrepreneurship are very much related to the overall aspect of a country's economy and that is why entrepreneurs require financial support to initiate the business. The course will help in understanding how it is important to manage several types of business in in accordance to a country's overall preference and how it is going to provide certain resources and commit to the economy of the country.

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In this way the ENB218 Entrepreneurship in Business of Economic Growth course will provide several interpretations about business case and how very successful entrepreneurs have conducted their business from various difficulties that they have to endure in order to establish a successful business policy. The main focus of the course is to teach the students about different ways of conducting business under difficult its economic condition and how one need to turn the strategies of the business to be successful. Therefore, the course will attach a certain strategic interpretation and decision-making policies that will be conducted by the students and it will provide them with the opportunity to establish certain entrepreneurial specific abilities that will help them to conduct better business management skills. The study can be very influencing for the student for it will provide them with the knowledge of conducting several bases and it will also help them to understand certain rules and strategies of entrepreneurship.

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Unit Details of ENB218 Entrepreneurship In Business Assignment

Location :London UK

Study level:Undergraduate or bachelor's degree/ Postgraduate or Master's Degree

Unit code:ENB218 Entrepreneurship in Business

UNversity : London Metropolitan University.

Brief Of Assessment

The ENB218 entrepreneurship in business of economic growth assessment is about the overall structure of entrepreneurship that will help us to run to achieve certain skills and knowledge that will help them to become a business person in future. This is a very interesting course in both graduation and post-graduation level where a student can learn a lot of things about Entrepreneurship and they can be benefited by the course in terms of understanding different types of entrepreneurships and how it can be applicable in different types of business. The students will get to learn a lot of different things that would be beneficial for them to understand how they can conduct business and it will inspire them to become entrepreneur and open their own business when they finished the course.

Desperate inference students to have the beneficial idea of getting different entrepreneurship ideas that can influence the young students to start something of their own and it will also provide them with the opportunity to apply their educational value into to their career. The course is a very influential aspect a where a student can learn different things and policies with the help of project and individual assessments. It will also help them to understand different types of business analysis and situations that they have to encounter in future. In the overall course they will very beneficial with the different policies that they will learn and the economic situation that they will have to understand in order to conduct a business single-handedly. With the help of this knowledge and educational implementation the students will be learning a different types of entrepreneurships, and it will provide them with the opportunity to have certain vision that will be beneficial for their future success.

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Weightage of the course

The course is very e prestigious because it prepares students for the future and it fulfils the dreams of the student by providing them with the opportunity of having their own business. The wastage of the Entrepreneurship in Business of Economic Growth course provides the value for a student because it is very easy to score. General students get to learn a lot of things and at the same time they score quite high, which can provide them with various opportunities of business organisation. At least a 70% of the total assessment is theoretical and rests practical which provides the student who is the opportunity of conducting the course and be successful in future.

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