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The considerate aim of this 11319 Negotiation course is to draw on the ideas that are being developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project as well as other types of methods relevant to that negotiation. In that regard, students will be able to learn how to put the theory of negotiation into practice with an intent to improve effectiveness in regards to being negotiators. In that aspect, it intends to utilize different types of negotiation methods while entailing the understanding of negotiation dynamics for the sake of remaining prepared in terms of uncertainty.

Upon the completion of the course, students will be provided with the ability to learn to craft agile strategies while being adaptive to changing circumstances. An additional aspect of the course is that it does incorporate the tendency of reflecting on personal behaviors and thereupon see to refining approach for the considerate effort to be more effective in generating the desired results. With that being stated, the primary concern is to enable engagement among students with simulated scenarios while being led to participate in discussion sessions during lectures wherein they have led to practice the art of negotiation with the usage of various types of methods being learned in the course of the study.     

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Unit Details Of 11319 Negotiation

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code - 11319

Location  - University of Canberra, Australia

Study Level  - Undergraduate course or Bachelor's degree

Brief On 11319 Negotiation 

The 11319 task answers entail its emphasis on understanding both analytical tools as well as interpersonal techniques for effectively dealing with different styles as well as tactics of bargaining. While required to complete all the four modules of learning, it is required to set goals as well as establish negotiation preferences at the very start through self-assessment exercises. Thereupon it requires applying the skills being learned in simulated exercises as well as sessions of discussion being conducted. Hence, it is being encouraged in the course of the unit to work with theories and be encouraged to attend workshops in order to consolidate learning through application in the practical framework as well as discussion being conducted at an in-depth scale.

To that extent, the participation in the workshop will seem to be graded on the basis of attendance of the students, contribution to workshop discussions as well as participation in simulated workshop activities. The unit further involves online meetings that provide an online classroom wherein one can seem to communicate in real-time with the lecturer as well as with the other students. As such, the unit contains negotiation simulations being conducted in the workshop environment along with components of assessment.   

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Weightage Of This 11319 Course Code In Their Semester

The four-module wherein each bears twenty-five percent of the overall grade requires regular attendance of students in each of the workshop activities while it also required to secure a percentage of a minimum of fifty percent in order to be avail the certification accredited by the university upon the completion of the course. While the written assessment carries a weightage of around 25 percent, it requires students to submit their required assignments within the designated deadline for the very purpose of attaining the desired percentile. Failing to submit the assignment within the given schedule can lead to further penalties that can eventually end up minimizing the overall score.

Furthermore, it is important that the students maintain their rate of attendance in the discussion session while their performance will be evaluated on that basis as well as their contribution in such activities as it is conducted online. Furthermore, consistent involvement needs to be maintained in other workshop activities while seeing to contribute in terms of utilization of negotiation styles being learned.   

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