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112510 Social Work unit or module can be said to be James Cook University in the nation of Australia. The study level in relation to the above said course, unit, or module can be said to be graduate level. The unit code in relation to the above said course, unit, or module can be said to be 112510.

The above-said module or course or unit actually offers a specific introduction in relation to the critical, theoretical as well as applied issues in connection to mental health practice. Making a provision of an overview in relation to the mental health practice, the above said course or unit actually emphasizes the social welfare practice, the social justice as well as the human rights approaches in relation to mental health. It should be noted that the above-said module or course is actually interwoven with an intersectoral evaluation or analysis, which includes gender, ethnicity as well as socioeconomic status.

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The following can be said to be the Learning Outcomes of the above-said module or course

  • critically examine or assess the ideas that actually inform the questions "what is health?", "What is mental health?" (which includes the historical themes, the medical models, the sociological models, the social construction of the madness, as well as the spectrum of the interventions for the mental health practice);
  • be conversant and familiar with the knowledge base as well as the values in relation to the professional disciplines that are involved in the specific delivery of mental health services in the nation of Australia.
  • analyze as well as evaluate the conceptualizations of mental health as well as a mental illness in connection to human rights as well as social justice;
  • demonstrate as well as make an application of the knowledge of the mental health legislation as well as the shaping of the social policy in connection to mental health in the nation of Australia;
  • integrate the knowledge of mental health as well as mental illness with the social work theories, skills, and values as well as explore the application or implementation of the social work practice structures or frameworks with the diverse social as well as cultural contexts.

Unit Details Of 112510 Social Work

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: 112510

Location: Townsville, Australia

Study Level: Bachelor Degree

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Brief On 112510 Social Work

The 112510 assessment answers can be said to be a graduation course or module of 2 years' time period in the area of social work. A particular career in connection to professional social work can be said to be all about giving as well as helping other individuals who are in need. The above-said module or course in relation to Social Work shall be able to provide a specific candidate an in-depth knowledge regarding the work that is put into the progression or development of humanity as well as the social welfare spanning Governmental Organizations as well as Non-Governmental Organizations all over the nation of Australia.

The main vision of the above-said module or course can be said to be a subject of excellence and gives higher education that repeatedly responds in relation to the changing or altering the social realities with the help of the development as well as application of the knowledge, in the direction of creating an individual-centered, ecologically sustainable as well as just and fair society that promotes, endorses as well as protects the dignity, the equality, the social justice as well as the human rights for everyone.

The candidates having the graduate degree of the above-said module or course, shall be qualified for the positions of the Labour Welfare as well as the Personnel Officers, the Welfare Officers in the Industry, the Social Welfare Officers, the Tribal Development Officers, the Project Officers in the Govt. as well as the Voluntary Organisations, the Welfare and the Probation Officers in the Correctional Institutions as well as the Dept. of the Social Welfare. It can be said that there are career opportunities in 3 Specialisations that are offered by the above said Institute. The main one shall be discussed, which is the following: -

The field relating to Family and Child Welfare involves a wide-ranging spectrum of social work interventions. The practice and teaching in this specialization comprise gender equity as an important area. This specialization reinforces an ideological viewpoint of equality, equity, and democratic participation for the enablement of the marginalized. It prepares students to develop any critical understanding regarding the issues and the intervention skills particularly connected to the family unit, the women, the children, the elderly as well as the persons with disability.

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Weightage Of This 112510 Course Code In Their Semester

The weightage can be said to be 100 percent.

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