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BNURS20 Bachelor of Nursing is the course program offered by Holmesglen Institute in Australia. This course has entry criteria recognized by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC). Each student entering the program should show that they have acquired a certain level of English language proficiency from the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) before starting the program.

This course primarily focuses on the practice and theory of professional nursing. The course develops professionals with recognized and valuable skills and knowledge for the care of culturally sensitive clients, safe and ethical clinical trials, and advanced communication skills. The university is specifically dedicated to making adequate arrangements for teaching and learning, assessment, clinical practice, and other activities to partake in the course.

This course gives students the skills, knowledge, and ethical understanding needed to become successful registered nurses and helps them start a career where students can make a real difference. Additionally, this course makes students offer secure and high-quality patient-centered care in various settings. This course will allow students to practice their clinical skills in the most advanced clinical simulation centers, representing a real health service facility to prepare them for a clinical placement in the future.

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Unit details of BNURS20 Bachelor of Nursing

Unit details of this course include the following: 

Unit code: BNURS20

Location: Holmesglen Institute, Melbourne, Australia

Study level: Undergraduate or Bachelor's degree

The unit is strategically designed to help students express theoretical concepts related to nursing practice and understand their practical application. The course includes different units. The first unit focuses on assisting students in understanding the full details of people, communication, and health. The course unit will signify the fundamental concepts of nursing throughout midwifery and lifespan. More specifically, the main focus is placed on supportive and integrated care.

The course familiarizes students with various practices and roles in giving respectful responses to customers in various healthcare settings in Australia. After that, bnurs20 assessment answers is based on integrated clinical practice. This unit allows students to combine the knowledge gained during their learning in a major emergency health care environment. The unit enables students to build advanced skills, with a focus on healthcare studies in emergency-based and community-based primary health care settings.

The course covers several major topics such as aged care, community nursing, acute care nursing, communication, long-term and intensive care, ethics and law, health and welfare, pediatric nursing, mental health nursing, human biology, rehabilitation therapy, indigenous health, pharmacology, palliative care, culture and society, evidence-based practice and research. Students will experience high reliance on various clinical settings, such as mental health, community settings, rehabilitation, adult care, pediatrics, and acute medical-surgical in metropolitan and regional hospitals and healthcare services. Bnurs20 solutions will also ensure that the students have better knowledge, scientific skills, and first-hand experiences.  

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Brief on BNURS20 Bachelor of Nursing

Assessment tasks are associated with learning outcomes and graduate attributes in the course. Many assessment methods will be used in the Bachelor of Nursing and will be summative and formative. During the course, the progress of students is assessed in different ways. Individual subject statements give specific details about the assessment items that students should complete. These items include the use of various assessments related to the bachelor's degree, including tests and examinations, essays, presentations, assignments, research activities, and group projects. The assessment methods assist students in meeting different learning styles.

Written examination

The formal written test will include multiple-choice questions, short and long answers, and questions based on the clinical situation. The focus will be placed on using key feature tests that provide students with a clinical case scenario and some related questions. The questions are designed to observe primary features or essential steps in clinical case management. This examination will assess subject knowledge, problem-solving, and decision-making ability in the most relevant context to the actual clinical situation.

Clinical competency assessment

This assessment evaluates the cognitive abilities of students. This is equally important to observe how nursing students obtain client history, perform physical exams, communicate, and lead them to the technical skills they require. This assessment will also assess students' professionalism, client management, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. The skill level will be developed through a professional portfolio, structured clinical exam, skill-based assessment, clinical log, and mini health assessment.

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Weightage of this BNURS20 Course Code in Their Semester

BNURS20 Bachelor of Nursing is a full-time course with ATAR as part of the selection consideration. Students must obtain a minimum eligibility score of 50% to graduate in the semester. Students must enter the degree through a more advanced position or optional entry. Before the degree begins, students must attend a transition course on campus.

To graduate or excel in this course, students must have 85% of each clinical simulation and practical laboratory to develop the necessary skills. Students must complete basic level units (level 100) in a formal direction before getting advanced level units (level 300) in this order. Students must successfully achieve 144 credit points, with 24 core subjects to be qualified for the Bachelor of Nursing Award.

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