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BUS707 Applied Business Research course offers a hands-on introduction to research techniques and procedures applicable to business topics. This course allows students to think about philosophical, theoretical, ethical, methodological, and analytical ideas and processes in business disciplines like marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, and operations research. Students define, articulate, develop, evaluate, investigate, conduct, and document a self-identified research question by critically and creatively analyzing related literature and studies with underlying practice, theory, and methodologies and justifying a theoretical and methodological approach to investigating the question.

Because this course focuses on applied research, the students' knowledge is evaluated in terms of how the data derived for empirical research design and methodology might contribute to the growth of a firm or any other connected industrial purpose. This will familiarise students with the corporate environment and help them identify research topics based on real-world problems that can be solved through research.

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The Course Code BUS707 refers to a University of Newcastle Australia course offered in the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022. BUS707 solutions are frequently given for students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in Business Management by focusing on the topic through graduate studies such as the Diploma in Advanced Business Administration or the Master of Business Administration.

By the end of the semester, the students should be able to:

  1. Plan and conduct an independent research project following the academic traditions of the business environment field in consultation with a research supervisor.
  2. To construct a consistent argument thread throughout the work, develop a logical and coherent dissertation structure based on the topic of academic traditions in the business environment.
  3. Use a chosen research technique and acceptable and ethical procedures or technologies to analyze and interpret data to answer a research question.
  4. Develop and produce a fully integrated visual and textual dissertation on a selected business environment and industry-related topic, defending the rational and artistic analysis and discussion of each stage of the research process.

This subject will be taught as a stand-alone class with no prerequisites or co-requisites. It is a mandatory course for students pursuing a specialized job in business administration with a graduate or diploma degree.

Unit details of BUS707 Applied Business Research

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: BUS707

Location: Australia

Study level:  Graduation

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Brief on BUS707 Applied Business Research

BUS707 Applied Business Research provides students with a broad understanding of the research process and concepts and designs that are appropriate for applied research challenges in their field of study. It also raises awareness and respect for ethical issues in research. Students will learn how to choose and justify their methodology for their research project by looking at various quantitative and qualitative procedures.

To create and deliver a research dissertation addressing a specific research issue related to the business environment and industrial practice of human resource, marketing, finance or accounting, and operations.

Supporting Outcomes

  • Research, analyze, and reason critically about the given issue/topic.
  • Identify the project's implications on individuals/team members and establish a successful project team working on the specified issue/topic.
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the subjects and theories covered in the module.
  • Read widely to gain access to key concepts and theories, including articles from the Internet, periodicals, newspapers, journals, and books.

Research Dissertation

The length of the Research Dissertation Draft is up to 7000 words. The abstract, references, table of contents and relevant appendices are not included in this figure. It should have a detailed description of the study's objectives, goals, and research gap (s). A dissertation plan and an overview of each chapter should be included. It is necessary to demonstrate a proposed research plan's viability and utility. Under the technique part, this should consist of selecting an acceptable data source and data analysis strategy. Primary data gathered from humans may or may not be included.


The student must create a research project related to his field that can be suggested to the company and submitted. If the student is now unemployed, they may devise a scheme to submit to a previous employer.

It's critical to remember that the length of the study project should include both a start/start date and a start/start date. It should last at least three months but no longer than four months.

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Weightage of this BUS707 Course Code in Their Semester

This individual report accounts for 80% of the overall module grade.

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