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MRKT20052 Marketing Management and Digital Communications is a course offered by the CQ University of Australia. The course offers a complete insight into marketing and digital communication to the student. Students will investigate the role and significance of marketing in a business in this course.

Students will evaluate how the marketing process works in an increasingly complicated and competitive company world after learning about marketing concepts. Students will assess various tools and tactics utilized by professional marketers as well as analyze marketing planning and strategy. An underlying topic throughout this course is the growing importance of social media and the digital world in linking businesses with customers and stakeholders.

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Unit details of MRKT20052 Marketing Management and Digital Communications

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code – MRKT20052

Location- CQ University, Australia

Study Level – Post Graduate program

Brief on MRKT20052 Marketing Management and Digital Communications

MRKT20052 assessment answers give proper insights about marketing and social/digital media communication to the enrolled students. In the age of digital growth, social media communication is one of the most successful marketing communication tools. The majority of small, medium and large businesses rely on social media marketing since it allows them to connect with more people. Social media marketing is the most effective way to increase sales and money. In this age of digital growth, social media communication is one of the most successful marketing tools. Social media marketing is the most efficient way to boost sales and produce more cash. Customers from around the world and in different parts of the world choose to use social media platforms to get financial and investment services.

The traditional method of starting an event in a forum has changed. People used to visit places of business to learn about products, services, and solutions. Customers no longer need to go to certain places to acquire service from service providers. The bulk of the time, they rely on online solutions. Customers choose Facebook Live, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter updates to obtain notice about various events and services. These have taken the place of the old methods of communication and service. They can learn how many people attended the event, how long the majority of individuals have been monitoring the posts, and how often these people come to check for service updates. These details let you learn more about your consumers.

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Service providers must alter their tastes and use new imaginative methods in this situation. Using social media material, a number of service providers and investment professionals have been able to keep their customers pleased. They have used Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, which are the four most popular social media platforms. The importance of these four platforms has already been mentioned. Despite the fact that YouTube did not start out as a social media platform, CSR practices companies have been able to engage with customers via regular live updates about new events. Customers can leave real-time comments on YouTube updates.  

Different organizations will benefit from hosting the event online via YouTube in order to involve not only local small, medium, and large businesses and customers, but also national and international institutes. Even if a corporation has a brick-and-mortar location, programs or events can be advertised and broadcast lives on YouTube. If someone misses the live show, the recorded version will be available. Facebook and Instagram are without a doubt the most popular social media platforms among global and regional clients. These are the platforms that will help businesses publicize their events to their target audiences. Students should learn that different companies use Facebook and Instagram to market their products and services in order to reach their target audience. This is going to be a massive marketing effort.

Students should learn that different companies use Facebook and Instagram to market their products and services in order to reach their target audience. This is going to be a massive marketing effort. Students strengthen their written and spoken communication skills by presenting case studies and team presentations that include detailed scenarios that depict a variety of marketing topics, settings, and challenges. The course focuses on increasing analytic, synthesis, integration, and research abilities in order to arrive at an evidence-based recommendation.

Weightage of this MRKT20052 course code in their semester

The total weightage of the course is 50% and the total marks are 50.

Credit points – 6

The following will be grading criteria –

Fail – 0 – 49 %

Pass – 50-64 %

Credit – 65 – 74%

Distinction – 75-84 %

High Distinction – 85-100%

By enrolling in this course, students agree to attend all conferences, seminars, and other web-based programs in their entirety. It is essential that enrolled students plan their activities on a regular basis.

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