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HSC230 Cultural Safety in Healthcare course belongs to Charles Darwin University, Australia. The course will help the student in understanding and developing proper cultural safety care for the patient which will help in enhancing the trust between the patient and the healthcare organization. The subject will also guide the student in demonstrating their own understanding of the role of cultural safety and thereby contributing towards developing proper health outcomes.

The subject will guide the students in understanding the importance of cultural safety within the healthcare organization and thereby understanding the importance of effective health communication and health literacy which needs to be implemented within the healthcare organization for implementing a culturally safe health care plan.

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The student will be able to understand the importance of cultural safety by considering the patient's experience and thereby comparing the safety concern with the challenges of the healthcare services which will also help in addressing the patient's needs and implementing quality care for the patient depending upon the patient need and challenges. The student will be able to understand the importance of cultural safety within the healthcare system as the patient will be empowered to make their own decisions related to their health and thereby contributing to the achievement of positive health outcomes through their life experience and successful engagement in the care process.

The subject will highlight the importance of cultural events as it is the initial step towards understanding the difference within a particular cultural group and thereby also determining their practices, customs, rituals, and behavior for implementing a proper quality of care by considering the diversity of their behavior and understanding their beliefs.  The subject will also highlight the student's cultural sensitivity which will help in focusing on gender equality while providing care and thereby responding to patient safety. The subject will help the student in understanding the importance of considering the patient dignity which will help in providing safe care and thereby maintaining a long-term relationship.  

Unit Details Of HSC230 Cultural Safety In Healthcare

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code- HSC203

Location- Australia

Study level- Undergraduate (Bachelor of Health Services Management)

Brief On HSC230 Cultural Safety In Healthcare

The assessment will guide the student with various kinds of work and understanding the importance of cultural safety within the healthcare system. The assessment is usually provided on the basis of evidence-based treatment with the primary aim of improving the importance of communication and implementation of culturally safe practices within the Australian healthcare system along with the understanding of the policies which need to be considered while implementing culturally safe care within the organization. 

The second assessment is based upon identifying the position of the states where the students are evaluated on the basis of the importance of providing a culturally safe Healthcare environment for the patient, the importance of effective communication in the provision of a culturally safe environment with that the assessment also focuses upon the external and the internal influences and how it might contribute to the development of proper health outcomes by understanding the barriers within the organization and overcoming the same to successful case analysis.

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HSC203 assessment answers will focus upon providing a proper outline about the importance of providing effective communication and health literacy to the health care practitioner which will overall enhance the delivery of culturally safe healthcare by considering the patient's wishes and enhancing the implementation of culturally safe practice. The assessment is divided into 3 parts and each has a total value of 40%. The assessment also helps in highlighting the importance of health literacy and effective communication as it is associated with culturally safe care.

Weightage Of This HSC230 Course In the semester

The credit for each level of the unit is 200. However, the course also has 7 different units which consist of a total of 90 credit points. The individual course has a total credit point of 10 which is divided into various assignments.

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