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12515 Strategic Asset Management course familiarizes students with a strategic and responsible approach to asset management to understand and respond to social and economic influences that affect the effectiveness of assets over a life cycle that starts from raw land and contains disposal, development, and management redevelopment. 12515 assessment answers cover asset management techniques and concepts in response to changes in social and economic forces in strategic property asset management.

After introducing the techniques and ideas of asset management with life cycle cost and industrial structure, students implement these in developing the property life cycle cost model and thorough documentation of property life cycle cost reporting. The report is distributed as a professional advisory report, preparing graduates for professional practice from a technical and written communication perspective. The key focus is placed on individual features and their elemental costs.

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This course introduces strategic concepts that focus on asset portfolio, strategic asset planning, and strategic asset management approach. During group work sessions, students should actively participate in the development of property portfolio strategies and present those strategies in competitive evaluation situations using various analytical, technical, analytical, verbal communication, presentation skills, and creativity and innovation.

Unit details of 12515 Strategic Asset Management

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: 12515

Location: University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Study level: Postgraduate

This unit is designed to explore different tactics and assist students working at the professional level in improving their skills and knowledge. This course is actively part of the peer-to-peer group of students on multi-domain and complex subjects in strategic asset management. This course involves students with deep, broad knowledge, breadth of knowledge in a particular subject, and scientific understanding in their chosen field to make students intelligent and confident.

12515 solutions include topics, including the asset life cycle, the role of the property asset, benefits and objectives of asset management and connectivity with service delivery, asset information, property and facilities management, life cycle costing, strategic asset management implementation, strategic application of asset management policy, asset management plan, and strategy development for asset portfolio.

Students will also understand the life cycle of a property, and the complex sociological, environmental, economic, and other effects on the effectiveness of property assets during this life cycle. Students will determine the ongoing liabilities and costs related to asset ownership. Students will use a strategic approach to property management. This course allows students to recognize and examine the scale of major economic impacts on the performance of property assets nationally and internationally. This course also describes how the changing needs of communities and individuals affect the cost, effectiveness, and contribution of property assets. Students will be required to meet the courses' learning outcomes for all assessment tasks.

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Brief on 12515 Strategic Asset Management

The assessment is a fundamental portion of learning through applying asset management techniques and concepts focused on professional practice. This topic is distributed in block mode. Before the lecture, students are allocated to give lessons on the idea of asset management and the prerequisites reading material on best practices in the industry. Students are also exposed to lectures, class workshops, and presentations by guest lecturers.

Active learning opportunities are integrated with each session through classroom workshops group discussions where students work in groups to present, analyze, document their strategies and finding, including competitive assessment situations and general in-class participation by students and student groups. The assessment is designed on the discussed lifecycle costing principles, lifecycle tools and calculators, and associated MS Excel techniques.

Assessment task 1

Students apply lifecycle cost techniques and concepts to documenting professional life-cycle cost advisory reports for the individual property. The delivery contains the written consultant report and completed spreadsheet model to a professional standard. According to subject learning outcomes 1 and 2, students will record the life cycle of the property and the complex effects on the performance of the property asset during this life cycle and determine the ongoing liabilities and costs related to asset ownership.

Assessment task 2

This major assessment task involves documenting the asset management plan to define the proposed strategy in the asset portfolio group practice performed in the second week of the block. The plan addresses future needs, service level, life cycle management plan, proposed asset management practices, financial overview, and plan monitoring and improvement. This task requires to meet the subject learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 by integrating professional and practical disciplinary content and knowledge with group work and communication.

Assessment Task 3

For the assignment, students should discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing strategic asset management in organizations in the form of an essay. In keeping with learning outcome 3, students should consider implementing a strategic approach to property asset management.

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Weightage of this 12515 Course Code in Their Semester

To be eligible for the next semester, students must score more than 50% for this course to show their graduate performance at the honors level. Students will be given automatically zero grades if a particular course is submitted late. In this course, the assessment task brings 20% weightage, followed by assessment task 2 carries 55%, and assessment task 3 carries 25% weightage. Students must address the specified learning outcome for the task, which is associated with the code to point to one of the five CAPRI graduate attribute categories.

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