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1310 Master of Nursing Research course is designed at University of Wollongong, Australia for registered nurses who want to grow research skills that include a practical application for innovation in the healthcare industry and an academic understanding of the nursing practice. This course allows for informed participation in research activities and innovation and improvement of clinical practice. 1310 solutions, students will be able to develop and enhance their knowledge of a specialized area of nursing through a supervised research program. This course helps students to complete core research that contributes to field knowledge in an international context. This course also provides rigorous research training for registered nurses who need to do research in their current job or who are enthusiastic about the position.

This course is a structured study program that integrates the subject for the research preparation undertaken in the first year, as well as a production of a research thesis for the exam. Students must take on the candidature assessment for full-time students at the end of the first two sessions and part-time students at the end of the first three sessions. Students should work closely with the supervisory panel and principal supervisor and report on their progress per session. This course will enable students to provide leadership as a nurse at the international, local, and national levels. Students will be qualified for research-related careers at university and in a different private and public healthcare setting. Thus, students will be able to get a job as a researcher, nurse educators, or academics.

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Unit details of 1310 Master of Nursing Research

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: 1310

Location: University of Wollongong, Australia.

Study level: Postgraduate

The purpose of this course is to allow candidates for pursuing a research program in the specialized nursing field. Students need to research the information under the Doctor of Philosophy for information about the school research area. This course is a structured study program that includes the subject for the research preparation in the first year. This course covers the body of knowledge that incorporates the understanding of current development in one or more disciplines. This unit is specifically designed to nurture the advanced knowledge of research methods and principles relevant for learning or the field of work. This course allows students to develop their cognitive skills to improve their theoretical knowledge and reflect critically on theory and its implementation.

1310 assessment answers are designed for registered nurses with the demonstrated ability to conduct extensive research and studies in the focused field of nursing. This will enable students to make discoveries and finally improve the health of the community, people, and households. The student will design, conduct and promote rigorous research in a specific area of nursing. Additionally, the course will provide students with good professional development and contribute to clinical practice and knowledge in nursing. Students will be expected to present a high level of independence.

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Brief on 1310 Master of Nursing Research

Assessment tasks are linked to learning outcomes and graduation standards throughout the course. The thesis will usually be evaluated by at least two expert examiners from the relevant competency area. The research is expected to be an investigation of the accepted topic, then submit a properly formatted thesis where the topic has been introduced and formulated. The focus is placed on using characteristic tests that provide clinical case situations and some associated questions. The research questions are planned to observe the initial steps or primary features required in clinical case management. This assessment will evaluate subject knowledge, decision-making, and problem-solving ability in the most relevant context of the actual clinical scenario.

When undertaking the research, students are expected to use creative, cognitive, and technical skills to develop and explore contemporary practice through research activities. Students need to apply teamwork and communication skills to evaluate and promote research that contributes to knowledge about nursing. Students must critically describe the complex body of nursing knowledge, research methods, and principles for demonstrating proficiency in the nursing field. In addition, students will use high-level self-management skills to plan and implement significant parts of the research.

Finally, students should present a sustained and coherent argument and publicize research outcomes to the non-specialist and specialist audience. Hence, the skills and knowledge will be shown through the planning and execution of important parts of the research with initiative and creativity. Students are expected to demonstrate expert judgment, responsibility, and adaptability with high personal autonomy and obligation.

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Weightage of this 1310 Course Code in Their Semester

The maximum course duration for full-time or part-time study is 1.5 years. Students will have to continue re-enrolling in the thesis component of their study until the thesis is submitted for the exam. All students will join the twice-yearly Research Student Forums and are needed to present seminars during this term, twice a year for full-time students and once a year for part-time students. Students must receive a minimum qualifying score of 50% to pass the semester. The university uses a point system to make it easier for students to understand their learning progress. This course demands the completion of 72 credit points in line with the course requirements.

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