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1502ENG Engineering Materials is designed to provide the first-year students who have enrolled in the university an introductory understanding regarding hr. The course offers the student the understanding and introductory explanation of different aspects of material used in engineering that of stress, strain, elongation, and material failure. 

The University of Griffith is a public research university that is located in South East Queensland on the East coast of Australia. The university was founded in the year 1971 and began enrolling students in 1975. From the time of its inception, the university has been home to many generations of students looking for opportunities to pursue their higher education.  

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The University of Griffith was also one of the very first universities in all of Australia to introduce degrees in environmental science and Asian studies. This opened up a whole new wave of diversity and culture that can still be seen within the faculties of the university. The university offers an array of different courses and streams in which students can apply and enroll. Being one of the more culturally diverse universities in Queensland, the university attracts both domestic and international students from all over the world.   

Unit Details Of 1502ENG Engineering Materials

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code:- 1502ENG

Location:- Australia

Study Level:- Undergraduate

Brief On 1502ENG Engineering Materials

The course will cover a total of 11 topics which are: Topic 1: Introduction to Materials Readings, Topic 2: Atomic Structure and Inter-atomic Bonding, Topic 3: Structure of Crystalline Solids and Imperfections in Solids, Topic 4: Mechanical Properties of Metals, Topic 5: Failure of Engineering Materials, Topic 6: Phase Diagrams, Topic 7: Ceramics, Topic 8: Polymers, Topic 9: Composites, Topic 10: Degradation and Corrosion of Materials, and Topic 11: Electrical Properties.

Through the learning of each of the topics the students will be able to gain a string a foundational understanding regarding the different materials that are used in engineering a what impacts can the use of the respective material in the final outcome, the students will also be able to gain a proper understanding about the respective strengths and weaknesses if different materials and when it uses them Ans when to avoid them to reduce the chance of material faults.

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The aims of the course of engineering materials are to give the students an understanding o the fundamental properties of both metals and nonmetal materials. 150ENG assessment answers serve as an introduction to the real work application of the different materials used in engineering. Students’ shells are supported through the use of lectures, tutorials, and lab practicals. The course will send time t to ensure the proper understanding find about the course material is absorbed by the students. 

Weightage Of This 1502ENG Course Code In Their Semester

The course does not require the enrolled students to have any pre-requisite. Throughout the course, the students will take part in a project, online test/quiz, lab-based assignment, research-based assignment, and a final examination. These assessments tasks comprise the total weightage of the course for which student participation is compulsory. The project has 20 percent weightage. The online rest comprises 10 percent of the weightage while the lab and research-based assignment comprise 30 and 10 percent of the ragtag respectively, the final examination comprises 30 percent of the total weightage of the course. The student in this course shall be evaluated on the basis of assessment items.

Additionally, the students must secure a minimum score of 50 percent in all of the assessment items.  At the same time, the students will have to an aggregate of 50 percent in the course in order to gain a passing grade. Throughout the duration of the course, the students will be taking part in compulsory group discussions and be presenting a report based on the discussion of the course topics. This daily grade, although not included in the total weightage of the course, will have an influencing factor in the overall grade that will be assigned to the students upon completion of the course.  

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