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11485 Introduction to Network Engineering deals with planning, implementation, and overseeing computer supports for supporting in-house data, wireless networks, and video services.   Therefore, networking engineering emphasizes delivering high-quality network infrastructure for sustaining online users, and information technology activities on the online platform.  It also overlaps with various other roles such as security systems monitoring, and computer network architecture.  The course focuses on designing and implementing network configurations, carrying out network monitoring, troubleshooting performance problems, and configuration of various security systems.  

Globalization and technological development has completely changed the global business environment where the majority of the companies are focused on digitizing the business documents and operations. In this respect, networking engineering play a key role in ensuring that business networking is up and running at all times otherwise the business will lose their productivity. Therefore, the course ensures that the students develop theoretical and practical knowledge in dealing with networking so that they can work as network engineers in modern businesses.

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The networking engineers need to have a sound understanding of complex networks so that they can identify problems and identify ways of improving the networks.  They also need to acquire skills for collaborating with other engineers and support staff for the effective operation of the networks. Moreover, they need to be flexible where they need the capability of working with a line of business colleagues and engineers who have a significant understanding of the network. 

Similarly, the different network engineers need to understand software and application development which reflects the increasing role of software-defined and automation networking.  Therefore, it is essential for the engineers for understanding the application priority, traffic flows, and transport of data.  The 11485 assessment answers have been formulated so that the course students have all the knowledge and skills to fulfill this role in modern businesses.

Unit details of 11485 Introduction to Network Engineering

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: 11485

Location: University of Canberra, Australia

Study level: Undergraduate or bachelor's degree

The unit focuses on the aspects of the data networks and communication along with an introduction to different networking of modern environment. It highlights the primary building blocks of networking in the modern environment that consists of physical and logical topologies, principal software, networking technologies, hardware environments suitable to modern networks.

It describes the different networking technologies such as Dial-up, DSL, Cable, FTTH, Ethernet, WiFi, WiMax, ATM, networking core such as packet switching, ISP, circuit switching, delay loss, and throughput, networking standards, networking protocols, and ISO-OSI, networking management and networking security.  

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Brief on 11485 Introduction to Network Engineering 

This is a level 1 undergraduate introductory course that facilitates in gathering an understanding of the different functions of network engineering, its relevance to digital communication, its importance, and communities of practice, understanding the building blocks of forming the modern network, gathering an understanding of the theoretical and practical background for supporting network, and identified the basic issues in managing network and setting up simple data networks. The network engineer has to gather a good understanding of various complex networks for identifying the issues for improving the networks.

Flexibility is key for these individuals as they have to work with different types of individuals including business colleagues that lack the understanding of the network. The network engineering course also overlaps with different roles such as computer network architecture, monitoring of security systems, and other computer design aspects. 11485 task solutions focus on the implementation and designing of network configurations along with carrying out the network monitoring, configuration of security systems, and troubleshooting the issues to achieve a higher level of performance.

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Weightage of this 11485 Course Code in their Semester

11485 Introduction to Network Engineering is a full-time degree course that requires 1 year to complete and the students need a 50% score for passing the course effectively.  The course code consists of different types of assessments starting from discussion posts to quizzes but there are three major assessments having a weightage of 15%,35%, and 50%.  

The first assessment consists of a quiz including multiple-choice questions based on the concepts and theories.  The quiz includes an online test and students have to acquire at least 8 markets out of the total marks of 15 points for passing the quiz. The second assignment includes a project based on the scenario that can be used to implement concepts and theories in case of practical scenarios. The assessment is a written assessment and the students need to acquire 18 marks for passing the assessment. Finally, the third assessment consists of the maximum weightage and tests the theoretical and analytical ability of the students.  

The student needs to acquire at least 50% of the markets for passing the assessment. The assessment will be an online test that consists of different types of questions, and the students need to complete the test within 2 hours. The students are also provided with an option of re-submission where if any student fails the assignment, they will be provided with a completely separate assessment. The assessment consists of a case study that checks the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students and the students have to acquire 60% marks for passing the assessment.  

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