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11641 Marketing Management Communication deals with the way businesses convey their messages to potential consumers. Globalization has led to significant competition in the market, and the growth of social networking and digital marketing has made it even more difficult for companies to attract new consumers and retain existing ones. The course has been specifically designed for the aspirants looking to build their careers in the field of marketing as a manager and other experts. Therefore, the course code deals with the different aspects of marketing and concepts used for targeting the consumers and communicating the brand messages to them.  

The course has been structured effectively to deal with the communication challenges for businesses and identify the need for continuous innovation in businesses.  Technological innovation and entrepreneurship are key parts of strategic management that teach the students to excel in being entrepreneurs. It provides the budding entrepreneurs with all the tools required to be successful in their professional careers.

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Unit details 11641 Marketing Management Communication

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code11641

Location: University of Canberra, Australia

Study levelPostgraduate

The unit has been designed for the students looking to work in the strategic marketing and communication segment which will provide operational expertise in digital and traditional marketing and communication tools.  Marketing communication is a complex and fundamental part of the marketing efforts for businesses.  The communication aspect deals with different aspects such as branding, advertising, direct marketing, public relations, online presence, sponsorships, sales presentations, and other tools.  It specifically ensures that the students are aware of the different ways of communicating the products and services to the consumers in the most effective way.

The position aspect will define the way the products need to be positioned so that the target consumers will be able to identify the offerings effectively.  It also describes the technology adoption lifecycle so that marketing messages can be delivered effectively to the consumers.  The units also deal with strategies that help the student to develop skills to become entrepreneurs and start their businesses.  It also deals with the communication techniques used to shorten the sales cycle and use tactical tools for building the brand effectively.  The overall image deals with an effective way of setting up a brand and improving its image in the market.

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Brief on 11641 Marketing Management Communication

The assessment consists of the marketing communication aspects that describe the different tools and techniques essential for communicating the messages to the consumers. It facilitates in developing preferences by understanding the long-term efforts that need to position the products based on the needs of the consumers. A brand takes a significant amount of time to build so positioning the product requires significant consistency that defines the commitment of the business.  

11641 assessment answers have been designed to cater to the student's need for understanding the different strategic marketing tools that facilitate communicating with the consumers. It is one of the complex and fundamental aspects of marketing for all businesses.  It deals with frameworks and theories suggested such as advertising, public relations, branding, sales presentation, online presence that can deal with the communication aspect of marketing.  The tools have been developed to make the students aware of their communication tools so that services and products can be promoted effectively to the consumers.

The students will be able to understand the most effective way of convincing and engaging with the consumers based on the services and products offered to the businesses. It ensures that the students gain the knowledge and understanding of the segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategies for identifying the different consumer segments for ensuring a higher level of marketing.  11641 solutions have been developed to deal with concepts such as entrepreneurship and technology which ensures that the students gather all the tools for starting their own business effectively. Therefore, it deals with the strategic aspect of marketing and communication, which is necessary for the students to acquire to succeed in the fields of marketing and communication.

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Weightage of the 11641 Course Code in their Semester

11641 Marketing Management Communication is a full-time degree course that requires 4 years to complete for the students. All the students will have to achieve a mark of at least 50% in all the course assessments for passing the course.  The course has been divided into three assignments which have a weightage of 15%, 35%, and 50% simultaneously. It consists of a series of exercises and programs of theoretical knowledge that can be used effectively in the case of practical studies.

The first assessment deals with an online quiz that tests the theories and concepts of marketing management that have been taught throughout the course.  It consists of multiple-choice questions that have to be answered within a given time period.  The second assessment is based on a scenario that uses practical situations to implements techniques and tools.  The third part of the assessment includes an online written test having the highest weightage where the students will deal with different concepts, scenarios, and multiple-choice questions.  It tests the knowledge of the students about the overall course.

The students have to achieve a minimum score of 50% for all the assessments otherwise the students will fail the course code.  The students will also be provided with resubmission opportunities so that they can acquire passing grades for the assessment. The resubmission assessment is based on a new scenario, which will test all the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the course code.

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