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104801B Cybersecurity Incident Management  course is all about management of information technology and computer security management with respect to control and monitoring of all forms of cybersecurity and data-protection studies. The objective of the 104801B solutions is to define cybersecurity and manage and control different facets of incident management and computer security fields. It involves detailed studies of all forms of computer security issues and protection of external disputes and management of computer networks and threats attached therewith.

Recording and analysis of threats that sought to infringe into a network architecture have been very common in the past five years to be very specific in the context of world power such as the US, the UK, India, Japan, Israel by the nuisance of the world or the graveyard of authoritarian China. The hackers of China have repeatedly stolen vital information from the Pentagon and have led the nation to cripple in the stage of geopolitics like a eunuch which is very common in the context of various publications of the Washington Post, the Guardian, NY Times, etc. However, one thing is common in these writings and publications that are emblematic of how the US&rsquo's security and image are being destroyed publically by the misdeeds and mockery posed by the Chinese Communist Party.

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In doing so, cybersecurity will be taught in the course with huge details and all directional impactions will be properly drawn from the course for portraying ins and outs of cybersecurity management and assessment of how threats can be mitigated when attempts of computer intrusions are prevalent in practice. In the context of the emerging superpowers such as India and Japan, the study materials of the course are very important concerning the decline and ineptness of the failing states such as Russia and the US. The major objective of the course is centered on incident management which is all about a response to an incident to a cybersecurity breach or failure of its firewalls to resist an external invasion. Incident coordination also involves robust and sound management of all security-related details of sensitive documents and information that are of prior interest to the government.

Coordinator of incidence in IT systems works with sound and fluid management of databases and network centers. Hence, the course is designed to purposefully work for incident coordination for managing an emergency response system and following natural disasters for elevating risk mitigation areas. However, there are scopes for enhancement of emergency services and that too in the context of network security measures and elimination of security-breach incidents based on the studies of a sound and well-organized framework of networks and management of networks security.

All necessary administrative functions associated with database management and security architecture associated with the administrative functioning of an organization or business or a state is synonymous with computer security incident management. Hence, the course is framed to cater to all such necessary areas dealing with these subjects. Students that are passing from the course are now well-established and they are earning thousands of dollars. However, in the context of government agencies, most of the university’s students are also working for various government agencies and eliminating external security threats from foreign nuisance elements such as China and Arabian states. The course just helps the students in bagging such jobs and assuring a brilliant career in computer security and incident management.

Unit details of 104801B Cybersecurity Incident Management

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code:- 104801B

Location:- Pittsburgh, United States

Study level:- Postgraduate

Brief on 104801B Cybersecurity Incident Management

The assessment of the course is based on some basic deliverables of the course which are laid on data loss, prevention of alike techniques, incursion mitigation, incident handling, and lifecycle review. Hence, the 104801B  task answers seek to assess advanced persistent threats, develop new artifacts, prevention of malware attacks, and analysis of all such necessary preventive and containment measures. Moreover, vulnerability handling overview, analysis of coordination of response management of such areas, and management of computer security incidents and events.

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Development of effective communications and laying core emphasis on retrieval of lost data. The students of the course will have an edge over others due to unmatched and unparalleled efforts of mitigation of external computer incursions. Additionally, the course will bridge all lags that have been given to this area after repeated attacks and breaks of firewalls in the past couple of years. Hence, the assessment of the course is centered on helping students bag such jobs and assuring a brilliant career in computer security and incident management.  

Weightage of this 104801B Course Code in Their Semester

The weightage of the course in their semester is associated with 10 credit points which will be credited on the basis of proper assessment techniques and assignments as provided in the course brochure. There is a need for foundational knowledge of incident management and dealing with incident management courses.

At least six months of experience is required to get admission in this course as the course is an advanced one that requires prior skills in cybersecurity-related areas and basic awareness of incident management. Also, it is recommended to the students seeking admission in this course shall possess core knowledge in Pearl, Java, Python, and other languages necessary in data-security and administrative cyber management.

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