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11408 Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a known fact that teamwork is very essential in order to get things done. Collaboration is considered to be a kind of group activity that is very familiar to the development of a family. Collaboration can never be easy. It is because in most cases conflict and competition among or even within a group are known to dominate the scenario. It is natural that everyone wants to avoid tension. Due to this, it is necessary to re-think collaboration. There is a good chance that what community development needs may not be found within existing relationships.

Collaborative relationships are considered to be important since it, generally, takes more than one person, group, or organization to address challenges. Collaboration does not only mean working together, it is more than that. This process also includes the ability to think together and then act on different projects. The traditional strategic planning process is not a model for the disciplines required to transform our economies. Thinking together is open innovation, while strategic doing means – listening and exploring, learning and adjusting, focusing and aligning, and linking and leveraging.

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Unit details of 11408 Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code: 11408

Study Level: Undergraduate

Location: Canberra, Australia

Brief on 11408 Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In order to make an organization stand out, fresh and new ideas are required. With intense competition for resources, organizations must differentiate in order to survive. Recruitment and retention are largely emphasized by approaching economic development and economic hunting.

Organizations are required to involve the best people in order to make their ideas stand out and keep those great ideas moving forward. There is no shortage of conversations on how technology is changing lives and how technological innovations are being implemented at lightning speed. In the world of community development, one example is the work being done at Social Compact.

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Social Compact uses new tools and innovation to conduct market analytics that "drill down" and extract important data often lost by high-level data-collection processes. To date, Social Compact has used this technology in 20 cities and 350 underserved neighborhoods to find 1.2 million additional residents with the additional buying power of $36 billion.

If a new idea is not creating any value, it is not considered to be innovative. Organizations need to implement ideas and programs that are most effective in delivering value to stakeholders. The primary aim of any innovation is to create value in a business. 11408 assessment answers can be defined in many ways, such as incremental improvements to existing products, the creation of entirely new products and services, or reducing cost.

Businesses need to create value in order to survive, grow and be able of competing in a rapidly changing market that depends on whether they innovate effectively. Many companies develop experimentation brands, joint ventures, or co-brands. This gives them the freedom to test new ideas and create value without the risk of damaging an established brand. In order to understand the customer's experience, researchers look for gaps in customer service because they may represent opportunities.

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Weightage of this 11408 Course Code in Their Semester

The weightage of this course is 50% for the semester.

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