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10193 Assessment answers codes are dedicated for the purpose of providing students with several opportunities related to the examination of issues that exists within the workplace. These issues are mainly typified by complexities, changes as well as ambiguity. In addition to the same, the 10193 Task Solution course code provided analysis of the concepts that are related to clinical governance along with evaluation of the same because it is considered critical for gaining respectful, safe as well as effective care.

The main focus of the 10193-course code is upon the mechanisms that can bring improvement of quality along with providing provisions of safe care that must be further based upon shreds of evidence by including amelioration and management of clinical risks. 10193 clinical governance is associated with the University of Canberra, and the students availing for this course code are challenged in order to undertake the exploration of skills related to clinical management that is required for enabling teamwork in an effective as well as efficient manner.

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There are several learning outcomes, which shall be gained by the students after successful completion of the 10193 clinical governance course. The learning outcomes are as follows:

  • Firstly, with the completion of the 10193 clinical governance course, students will gain the ability to examine the critical role related to nursing within clinical governance.’
  • They will be further capable of evaluating all the key skills related to clinical management for the purpose of quality improvements.
  • The students can also apply the principles related to the management of complex physical as well as human resources that exists with the diversified clinical settings.
  • Furthermore, with successful completion of the 10193 clinical governance course, the students will be able to describe and discuss the utilization of risk frameworks for the purpose of aiding amelioration as well as identification of clinical risks.
  • The students will also be able to critically evaluate the practices in order to undertake the development of roles achieved by the nurses through risk management.
  • The students can also undertake critical analysis of the roles played by nurses for the purpose of advocating the outcomes achieved from the patients whose medical conditions have been improved.

Each of the enrolled students is required to follow the formulated student workload guideline, which has been outlined in the above section of this document. During the associated scheduling for all kinds of units within the Bachelor of Nursing, according to the allocated indication where the associated students are expected to carry out a total of 5 hours every individual week during the progress of this course unit.

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Additionally, the existent students within the 364J Bachelor of Nursing shall be ensuring that they are required to meet all the inherent requirements having direct relevance to the field of nursing. This states that each of them individually enrolled students carry the associated responsibility for reading through as well as underrating such UC Nursing Inherent Requirements statements. For appropriate provisioning support within the meeting in reference to the inherent requirements. 

In addition to this, the associated students enrolled on this specific course in all of the learning opportunities belonging to this specific unit. This also has the primary inclusion of all kinds of scheduled face-to-face as well as all kinds of online activities. The items present within this specific assessment have a direct link to all the outcomes associated with this specific course unit, which had been initially determined to ensure a better as well as an efficient obtaining of the associated outcomes to be obtained on successful completion of this course unit.

The unit course is determined to offer the associated enrolled students individually, with the specific knowledge of all the nursing codes as well as practices along with the professional codes, which will help them perform as nursing individuals having all the documented regulations by heart. To ensure that each of the enrolled students is able to obtain this specific knowledge, they are required to attend as well as carry out active participation in all of the learning activities, which have been appropriately scheduled for this specific course unit. Additionally, the enrolled students are also allowed to carry out self-assessment for their preferred classes through the allocated systems.

Unit details

Location: Canberra, Australia

Study level: Undergraduate

Unit code: 10193

Briefs of 10193 Clinical Governance Assessment

Several types of assessments are provided during the 10193 clinical governance course. The students are provided with learning moments that further include interactive activities, online materials, summative as well as formative assessments. At the time of undertaking the assessments, it is essential for the students to cover all the requirements and expectations of the assessments. Therefore, assessment items are regarded as one of the essential aspects for the purpose of passing the whole unit. At the time of undertaking the assessments, the students are required to ensure that they do not attempt any academic integrity act. In cases when the students are caught for academic integrity attempt, then they are charged with a huge amount of penalty along with demotion and termination from either the course or the whole University. The assessments are designed in a manner that meets the learning outcomes of the 10193 clinical governance course.

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Weightage of this 10193 Course Code in Their Semester

The total weightage of the 10193Assignment solution course code is 100%, which has been evaluated from the average of all the assessments that are provided to the students at the time of pursuing the 10193 clinical governance courses. For the purpose of passing the course, it is essential for the students to meet all the items of the assessments that are outlined at the beginning of the assessments provided to them. In addition to the same, it is essential for the students to score a minimum of 50% as an average marking for all the assessments that are provided to them at the time of pursuing the course. Thus, accomplishing assessment items and gaining an overall 50% by the average of all the assessments are regarded as the essential aspect for passing this course code.

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