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GRAD695 Research Methodology and Writing is an integral part of the organization's or University coursework. One must perform research work if they're willing to pass their Ph.D. or complete their educational life with a post-graduation degree. Research helps an individual to gain knowledge and understanding of the topic of the research. Each and every student have to take up something or the other as research in their lifetime. One of the most important parts of the research is the research methodology. Each research requires some kind of information or the other to ensure the successful completion of the development of the research.

The research methodology chapter of the research helps in determining the ways in which research has been conducted, or the ways in which data has been collected for the research. There are two main types of data, one of them is the primary source of data the other one is the secondary source of data. The primary data are the ones that are gathered from direct sources, like people, or experts in the field of the topic of the research and similar others. They help in understanding the point of view of the people who are directly involved in the process of research or have a better understanding of the topic which has been chosen for the research. The second type of data that is used for the purpose of the research is secondary data.

In this assessment, the students are expected to learn the ways in which they should write a research methodology. After completion of the assessment, the students shall learn effective ways in which research can be conducted and the ways in which they shall proceed with research in the future. The research methodology is not just a chapter in the research. It is basically a guideline for the researchers as well for what to consider and what not to while taking up research.

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Unit Details Of GRAD695 Research Methodology and Writing 

Unit details of this course include the following:
Unit Code: GRAD695
Location: University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Study Level: Graduation

Brief On GRAD695 Research Methodology And Writing Assessment:

For GRAD695 task answers, students shall perform research on a topic that is selected by themselves.

They shall make use of the research methodology framework that has been given below for completing the entire coursework.

  • Research Methodology Introduction:
  • Research Philosophy which has been selected for the research
  • Research Design which has been selected for the research
  • Research Approach which has been selected for the research
  • The data collection method which has been considered for the research
  • The data analysis technique which has been taken into consideration for the research
  • What is the population and sampling technique that is followed for the research?
  • What sampling technique is most suitable for these researches.
  • The timeline for conducting the research
  • The approaches which have been taken into consideration for maintaining the ethics in the research
  • The probable limitations of conducting the research.
  • Conclusion for the research
  • Appropriate references suggest the sources from where the information has been gathered.

All the information which the students shall use for the purpose of the research should be the best of understanding demonstrated by them. The entire research methodology and its aspects have been discussed in the class before. You can refer to your class notes for references.

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Weightage Of This GRAD695 Course Code In Their Semester

The mark allotted for the assessment is 100. This comprises the overall 50% weightage of the entire assessment coursework. There are numerous subparts of the assessment and marks shall be allotted for each and every part of the assessment. Completion of each of the parts shall ensure the completion of the coursework.

It is expected that the students should score a minimum of 45 % to 50 % for passing the course work. However, for achieving distinction in the coursework a minimum of 70 percent marks is required. Referencing is an integral part of the assessment. All the information which has been used shall be referenced using Chicago Footnote or IEEE referencing technique.  

The work should be submitted to the student’s portal before the date of submission. Any extension required for the completion of the work should be approached by the tutor 3 days before the final deadline assigned for the coursework. Before submitting the work to the portal, the students should check the solution for assessment of the plagiarism that has been detected. The percentage of plagiarism should not be more than 9 percent. The assignments should be checked with the help of Safe Assign. The report should be uploaded while submitting the assignment on the blackboard.

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