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The practice of PPMP20011 Contract and Procurement Management created as part of legal paperwork of creating work connections with customers, suppliers, or even partnerships is known as purchasing project delivery. It involves discussing contract terms. Certification of compliance with the terms and requirements, as well as recording and consenting on any modifications by both partners, are all part of public procurement.

To secure the shared value of all essential parties, the procurement department must have a sound Contract Management strategy. Here are several ways that Contract Management may help in procurement:

  • Identifies requirements, implements plans, and analyses objectives to improve business performance.
  • Controls spending through improving expenditure visibility and assisting companies with financial transaction monitoring.
  • Assists in Supplier Evaluation by verifying that suppliers follow the requirements and develop long-term partnerships with them.
  • Ensures compliance by reducing risks to a minimum.

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Unit Details Of Contract and Procurement Management Assignment Help

Unit details of this course include the following:

Course Code: PPMP20011

Location:  Australia

Unversity : Central Queensland University

Level: Post Graduate (Level)

PPMP20011 Contract and Procurement Management course will provide you with the information, skills, and procedures needed to get external goods, solutions, and services in order to satisfy the company's demands and project objectives. It also allows to identify, implement, and create various negotiating methods, as well as analyze and adapt to any hazards that may arise throughout the procurement process. Contract types, procurement standards, moral and constitutional issues of contractual terms, and program bidding and execution will all be covered. Students will be able to use the proper methods for handling contracts, disagreements, delays, claims, and disputes after completing this course.

Contract management aids in the seamless operation of transactions, the maintenance of positive relationships with suppliers, the reduction of risks, and the prompt settlement of issues. However, the following are the primary goals of project delivery in procurement:

  • To make certain that the product or service is sold at the agreed-upon price.
  • To determine if a product or service meets defined quality criteria.
  • To guarantee that the product or service is finished on time, in the appropriate number, and at the correct location.
  • To make procurement as cost-effective as possible.

Get Brief On PPMP20011 Contract and Procurement Management Assessment

On successful completion of the course module, students will be able to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • LO1: Display a comprehensive grasp of the major ideas and ideas that govern buyer-contractor relationships, as well as program contracts and procurement standards.
  • LO2: Analyze various commercial persuasion methods and exhibit your ability to negotiate project schedules, disputes, delays, and rewards in commercial applications in a unique manner.
  • LO3: Utilize risk management strategy and detection, as well as a risk assessment, during the purchase process.
  • LO4: Discuss and scrutinize the concepts of bidding, pricing, and rewarding processes, as well as commercial contract talks methodologies.
  • LO5: Examine and design project contracts with explicit legal, economic, and key intellectual.
  • LO6: As methods of control, create a project budget and a spending projection and relate time, cost, and personnel to the project management plan.

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On successful completion of the course module, students will be able to achieve the following graduate attributes:

  • GA1: Knowledge
  • GA2: Communication
  • GA3: Cognitive and Technical Skills
  • GA4: Research
  • GA5: Self-Management
  • GA6: Ethical and Professional Responsibility.
  • GA7: Leadership

For students who want to pursue professional certification with the Project Management Institute's (PMI) professional credentials, such as CAPM or PMP, the unit contributes to the needed array of the educational research study.

Weightage Of PPMP20011 Contract and Procurement Management Assessment in Semester:


Type of Assessment



Online Quizzes



Practical Assessment



Group Work


The 6-credit Postgraduate course at Central Queensland University needs a total time commitment of 150 hours, based on an average of 12.5 hours of study each week. This is a graded module, thus the total grade would be computed from the points or rating students receive for each assessment task, depending on the specific weightings listed above. To succeed in the unit, students must receive at least a 50% average ranking or a 'pass' primary consideration.

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If any of the pass or fail tasks in the table in the previous section are included, they must be considered a success or a passing grade. In addition, as indicated in the assessment task section, students must fulfill any minimum point criteria provided for a specific assessment assignment. It should also be noted that in some instances, the minimum mark for a task may be greater than 50 percent.

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